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Arsenal look to India for future Young Guns!

Arsenal are to open football training schools across India this summer to develop young footballers in India and give thousands of children across the country somewhere to learn and play safely away from the dangerous streets.

This move will be beneficial for Arsenal and India as the club can train young players and potentially sign them if they begin to show a real talent in the game. Indian children will now have a sport to play and have something to occupy their time.

Arsenal legend signs up for new Indian Soccer League

It has just been announced that six teams from India will be starting a new football League, primarily in the West Bengal area, and they are going to have a cricket-style auction of the some top-class veterans including the ex-Arsenal star Robert Pires.

Bhaswar Goswami, the executive director of Celebrity Management Group announced that he has signed up for an initial 30 year deal with the Indian Football Association and are expecting to expand the League every year in the manner of the MLS in America.

India’s greatest Arsenal fan flown over for the Liverpool match tonight

Barclays Bank, who sponsor the English Premier League,  have been holding a competition in India to find the country’s biggest football fan, in the “Biggest Fan of India” contest. They started their search over six months ago and thousands upon thousands of football fanatics from all over the vast continent applied for the award, sending in scrapbooks, videos, photos and long letters in support of their claims.

The day India woke up to Arsenal!

Yesterday i published a brilliant story that Tony Attwood from Untold Arsenal had written especially for the 11Gunners website. It is great that Arsenal blogs from all over the world can get together to help each other out, and especially to help promote football and Arsenal in the massive continent of India.

So today i am now going to publish the reciprocal story that the 11Gunners wrote for Untold Arsenal! It is about the rise and rise of football (and Arsenal) in that great continent, and how it affected one group of young lads growing up together. And here it is:

Arsenal help develop young footballers in India, and now they have their first Gooner website!

I have a football website, as you can see, and i get to look at many similar websites every single day, you could not imagine exactly how many there are in the world. I have been doing this for a few months now and i am still finding new ones every day.

But sometimes, one stands out and i take an extra bit of notice, and 11gunners.com fits that bill.

11Gunners.com is a site purely focused on news and views about the English Premiership side Arsenal, and is taking advantage of the massive untapped resource of Arsenal fans in India.