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Study shows why Arsenal CANNOT win Premier League!

Before Marten Skrtel was allowed free rein in the Arsenal penalty box to snatch an injury time leveller and deny the Gunners a famous and vital away win at Anfield, there may still have been a few Gooners who were hanging on to the hope that this could be the season when Arsenal win the Premier League title again.

Let’s look at Arsenal’s REAL problems…

The problems at Arsenal lie deeper than the surface by KM

At the end of the past week, Arsenal managed to get two wins from two away games. On the surface that looks like a deal you would take at any time. The problem with AFC is that there is always a “but”. We took the points, but the performances were awful once again.

Arsenal legend still backs Wenger to succeed!!

Wenger is Arsenal’s man according to Gunners legend! by Ash

David Seaman, notorious for being one of the best ever Arsenal goalkeepers, was an influential part of Arsene Wenger’s glory day winning teams and although those players have of course moved on from the game, Wenger is still very much here and present at Arsenal.

Will Arsenal ever get any luck? Other than bad?

They say that luck evens itself out over the course of a season. If that is true, Arsenal are due to win the lottery in the next few weeks, because nothing else has gone the way of the Gunners this year. I know that lots of Gooners will berate me for going on about this subject again, but yet again lady luck was conspicuously absent at the Emirates today.

Should Arsenal fans complain so much about injuries?

Are Arsenal really that unlucky? by Blaz

Why Arsenal need Juan Mata – and why Chelsea are unlikely to let him leave

Juan and Santi… The Differences and similarities! by MH

Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla. Both Spanish. Both midfielders. Both have bags of creative ability and a winning mentality. Both have extremely similar playing styles. So what could the main difference between these two fantastic footballers really be?

Why Arsenal’s draw against Everton is NOT a disaster!!

There is little doubt that Arsenal should have won the game against Everton at the Emirates last night, but it seems to me that a lot of fans are taking it too hard. Yes, it was a great chance for the Gunners to fire themselves into a commanding position in the Premier League, but we are still in with a very good chance.

Wigan boss predicts open game against Arsenal

Arsenal are preparing to face yet another team in the relegation zone today as they travel to Wigan Athletic, but the Gunners will not be expecting the Northeners to just roll over after losing to the Latics at the Emirates last season.