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Coquelin blames Arsenal title failings on absences

Francis Coquelin has claimed that the mass of injuries suffered during the season has cost the club their chance to lift the Premier League trophy.

Arsenal sit 13 points behind surprise league leaders Leicester City currently, with only six matches left to play. Despite a huge winning streak and a number of other results going our way, our chance to win the league is all but dead.

In Arsene I DO NOT trust any more….

In Arsene…. I don’t trust! by ED

This is probably going to be met with mountains of criticism; but Arsenal cannot and will not win the Premier league until Arsene is gone. There I said it call me pessimistic but it’s the truth!

Wenger predicts very strong finish for Arsenal

Arsenal are pretty used to dropping behind the League leaders in the New Year but traditionally have an excellent run of form towards the end of the campaign, usually to claim a place in the Top Four. This season we are in a much better position just three points behind the leaders and Arsene Wenger is confident that we will once again have a strong finish and hopefully this time it will end up with Arsenal as Champions.

Study shows why Arsenal CANNOT win Premier League!

Before Marten Skrtel was allowed free rein in the Arsenal penalty box to snatch an injury time leveller and deny the Gunners a famous and vital away win at Anfield, there may still have been a few Gooners who were hanging on to the hope that this could be the season when Arsenal win the Premier League title again.

Let’s look at Arsenal’s REAL problems…

The problems at Arsenal lie deeper than the surface by KM

At the end of the past week, Arsenal managed to get two wins from two away games. On the surface that looks like a deal you would take at any time. The problem with AFC is that there is always a “but”. We took the points, but the performances were awful once again.