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Could this Arsenal team become the new ‘Invincibles’?

Can the Gunners bring this blistering form into next season and recreate ‘The Invincibles’? by CR

Arsenal Emirates

The reasons why Arsenal fans are RIGHT to criticize Wenger

Why Wenger IS to blame for Arsenal’s failings by PA

Arsene Stubborn and Impractical
Even before the trophy less spell Wenger was always stubborn, with a rigid adherence to philosophy over tactics. It was always his way or nothing. There are two problems with this.
First his way hasn’t arguably translated to success on the playing field. Success is the great arbiter. If he was successful, in a manner not open to arguments then his philosophy and personality would not ever be questioned.

Wenger is bringing back the old 1-0 to the Arsenal

Ahead of this crunch Premier League game for Arsenal at Old Trafford, it seems like Arsene Wenger is relishing the Old rivalry. Maybe it is because this is the first time in years that the Gunners have seriously threatened to become champions of England or not, there is definitely an extra bit of spice in the build up.

Arsenal have cleared the deadwood – but where are the replacements?

The Arsenal Squad is Dangerously Thin by PH

I have not seen many fans on this site agreeing with Wenger’s idea that Arsenal are ready to challenge for titles again. Every year now Wenger tells us that we are about to challenge on all 4 fronts, but the fans know that we have no chance of doing that with a threadbare and injury prone squad. To say nothing of the opposition buying up every player you can think of.

Arsenal’s new shirt a tribute to the Invincibles?

Everybody seems to be discussing the new Arsenal Away Shirt for next season, and although it is not due to be officially released until tomorrow, here is a sneak preview of the yellow shirt with a collar for change….


Arsenal can afford Rooney but not the risk

Is it too risky to sign Wayne Rooney? by KJ

With massive doubts over Wayne Rooney’s future at Manchester United, the media have reported numerous times that Arsenal are in the running for the Englishman. There is no doubt that Rooney is a world class player but he does carry a lot of baggage and I do have reservations over his motivation to play for Arsenal.

Time for Arsenal to rekindle the “Invincibles” spirit

Arsenal need some “invincible” spirit by FD

Calm down Arsenal fans, the summer is long……

Where is the Love? by JM

I sit here on a warm African winter afternoon, my tele switched to ESPN classic. They have a vintage Arsenal game going and im glued as if it were live. Its Highbury….Its Sol Campbell, its Vieira, its Bergkamp, its Thierry… its an Arsenal routing of Manchester United. The fans are in ecstasy, the commentators in awe as the purrr with lavish praise on the impeccable machine that was Arsenal… Im in Arsenal heaven for a moment there..