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Arsenal Transfer Truths and Avoiding the “Money is God” Bandwagon

Transfer factors, the global economy, and the Arsenal way

An unnecessarily large percentage of Arsenal fans out there are in a rush to push the “panic button” the moment anything bad happens at our honourable football club. It’s almost as if they stand around in silence, wishing that something bad would happen, just so that they can promote their own putrid and selfish points of view. There are even those who would have liked to have seen us not qualify for CL league, just so that they could ooze hatred out of every orifice on their body.

Arsenals Financial Realities and The Rise of More Passionate Home Support

Calling all TRUE Gooners

Quite a bit of time has passed since the last article I wrote, and I apologize to those who didn’t mind reading them. To be honest, I stopped posting because it was getting nauseating reading the ever increasing influx of mutinous, sabotaging articles and comments. JustArsenal has become more like JustSlattingArsenal instead of JustSupportingArsenal; and this isn’t a reflection on admin (because he promotes freedom of speech for all points of view), but shows how the anti-intellectual / misinformed movement within the Arsenal Fan base has infectiously grown.

Arsenal’s Season Plans Are Incomplete…DON’T LOSE FAITH!

More Signings To Be Announced

The “doom and gloomers” are out and about again. As usual, the second the club experiences turbulence they come out of their holes and start raving about how the club is never going to win anything and going to finish 6th. They are never around when the club is doing well…so it makes me think that they are actually busy supporting some other club and then when Arsenal have an issue (since they hate Arsenal) they take the time to go online and talk absolute shite about the club. Anyway, enough about that.

Fabianski To Stay Arsenal’s Number Two

So, we don’t need any more keepers?

From the looks of things, Arsenal’s goalkeepers will be Szczesny, Fabianski, Mannone and Martinez in that order. Fabianski looked certain to look elsewhere for 1st team action this season but it seems now, that he would rather battle it out with his Polish compatriot for 1st choice keeper at Arsenal.

“It can change very quickly,” Fabianski told Arsenal Player. “From my own experiences I know that, so I am ready to step up. I feel confident that I am able to be No 1.”

Barcelona Vs Arsenal: The “Tapping Up” Continues

Tired Of The Media Tapping Up Arsenal Players

Getting fed-up with the media having a tendency to circulate stories about Arsenal players more than any other? Yes, me too.

Yet another individual in the footballing world has been quoted having his say about the Barcelona and Alex Song situation.

Barcelona junior Franck Songo’o has backed their bid for Arsenal midfielder Alex Song.

“Song is very good. [He] plays more as a defensive midfielder but can also play in the centre. He has lots of character, [is] very strong and is a leader on the pitch,” the 25-year-old told COM Radio.

Do you think Arsenal really need any more signings?

Opinions Regarding Further New Signings by JG

Through listening to peers and reading the chatter on the net, the overall opinion seems to be that Arsenal need to sign more back up in defensive positions (defenders and keeper)…This is a topic of indecision for myself. I personally think Bartley and Miquel can provide quality back up considering we have Mert, Verm and Kos vying for the CB position; but this doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind seeing another CB/LB/RB brought in. (especially LB/RB).

What Happened To Arsenal’s Dealings With Anderlecht?

Sometimes, I wonder just how complicated Arsene Wemger’s plan of attack is, when signing new players; because there have been so many “very likely” candidates throughout recent transfer windows…especially Anderlecht players.

A recent enquiry sent to the site unearthed an interesting point. What ever happened to the Pre-contract agreement that Arsenal supposedly had with the Anderlecht striker Matias Suarez? Yes, Indeed, what ever did happen to that situation? Is it still in effect? Is Matias Suarez still going to make his way to the Emirates due to a departure by one of our strikers? So many questions; hard to answer. Even Lucas Biglia has seemed to fall by the wayside. Who was also a “very Likely” candidate.

Usmanov Speaks Out Against Arsenal FC…Again

Usmanov Continues to Prove His Arrogance

Not that long ago, the Russian billionaire reared his head to cause more division in the Arsenal camp; tricking weak minded individuals to believe he was an innocent business tycoon, just wanting to invest some harmless millions into the club. He unfortunately succeeded in turning quite a few supporters into money-grubbers, diverting their consciousness to the reward sensation rather than the ethical rationality sensation which they would be proud to feel if they had any morals.

Cazorla Officially An Arsenal Player!!!

The Wait For Santi is Over

The news has broken, Santi Cazorla is an Arsenal player. Fantastic news, and we all hope that he can live up to the massive expectations that fans seem to have for him.

Well, Arsenal sign another very reputable player, and fans seem to be craving even more signings. This is not surprising. I hope Cazorla lives up to the expectations, because the last 27 year-old attacking midfielder we signed did not last very long before burning out. I hope the same doesn’t happen in regards to Cazorla, because when it happened to Arshavin a lot of fans turned on him, slating him with booing and mal-support. If he has a rough start, or loses a bit of form, he will need positive support to regain confidence. Just a word of warning.

Arsenal’s Ivan Gazidis Gets Promoted

Arsenal Now Have More Influence

Ivan Gazidis, the Arsenal Chief Executive has joined the FA’s Professional Game Board (PGB) and the FA Council. His appointment to these posts are effective as of this 2012/13 season.

This situation sounds familiar doesn’t it? David Dein ring a bell? Either way, this can be seen as a plus for the club, not a negative. Hopefully the presence of Gazidis will maybe sway some decisions in Arsenal’s favour, especially when in regards to refuting completely appauling calls made by officials during some games.

Arsenal Have Serge Gnabry Sign Professional Contract

Gnabry Already Being Prepped For First Team Action

Showing signs of a real “killer”, Gnabry has just signed his first Professional contract. Although this will be a brief post, the importance of this event is something to take notice of. Arsenal.com thought it important enough to place in the limelight on their homepage.

“Pace, strength and an eye for goal saw Gnabry net six times in eight games for the Under-18s, including a sensational debut strike against Crystal Palace. And the attacking midfielder was able to replicate this fine form at reserve level, where he made six appearances and scored twice.” [arsenal.com]

What Will Arsenal’s Standings Be At the End of the Season?

What If…

Speculation, depending on how optimistic it is, can be painful for football fans. The anxiety, hopes, and expectations hang around the neck like an anvil if there is a high level of doubt involved. Doubts cause some fans to become restless, frustrated and angry. This is understandable…fans have reason to be disgruntled with the recent lack of silverware for the club (to a certain extent of course).