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Some light-hearted relief for nervous Arsenal fans

Let’s lighten the mood a bit! by Shipley Jack

After the despondency since last week’s Arsenal result and on the eve of a tough cup match with Everton maybe the following few jokes will lighten us up and get us in a good frame of mind.

Please remember that everything below IS just a joke . . . quotes are not real quotes and in the interests of fair play I’ve included a few here and there against our own team. Apart from some jokes I already knew these have been trawled/stolen from the internet and other places and some have been re-jigged for football purposes. Some are old and will be known to you already but please bear with me as maybe our far-flung supporters will appreciate them. Anyway, here goes . . .

Come on Arsenal fans – Let’s hear the latest Spud Jokes!

One of JustArsenal’s regular readers “mr lean” suggested yesterday that we should start a thread of Tottenham jokes to help us through the tedious months of the unending transfer window. I think this is an excellent idea, and I reckon we could have a few thousand by the time the season starts!

So here is a few to get us started. The first is definitely one of my favourites!


Arsenal to buy Reina for £25m, Fabianski to be Number One, and Spurs will win the League (And other jokes!)

It is no wonder that journalists call August the “Silly Season” as there is nothing but ridiculous stories to read in the papers. Today is the perfect example.

The first preposterous Arsenal transfer story is in the Sun, and they headline with: Arsenal in Reina raid! ARSENAL have launched a stunning £23million raid for Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina.
Arsene Wenger sees the Kop star as the man to solve his problem position.
And the Gunners boss is prepared to go up to £25m to land the Spaniard.

Tottenham jokes for Arsenal fans!

If you are a Tottenham supporter i’m sorry (No you’re not! – Ed.).

I’m bored, so with no news about, i just thought i’d make up a little collection of Tottenham jokes to cheer up the Arsenal fans on the net.

Friday night is usually quiet, so let’s liven it up a bit. I have picked out only the funniest ones i could find. Enjoy!