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Aguero return for Man City spells BIG trouble for Arsenal

How typical of Arsenal and our luck is this Gooners? Just as the Gunners are getting over our own injury crisis and are looking to build a decent run of results together, following on from a 2-0 win over Hull City in the FA cup and a 3-0 defeat of Stoke City yesterday, our next Premier League game throws up an away game with the reigning EPL champions.

But Man City are just going through a little mini crisis of their own right now and have had to do without all three of their front line forwards; Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic. So Arsenal have a great chance of coming away from the Etihad with a good result then right? Well not exactly.

Can Arsenal make most of Man City and Dortmund troubles?

After a steady but far from brilliant start to the season, Arsenal really need to get going after this international break. But our next two fixtures could not be harder, on paper anyway, with Man City coming to the Emirates on Saturday and the Gunners off to face Borussia Dortmund in Germany just three days later.

But Arsenal have reason for confidence in both games. Neither of these big hitters has really shone yet this season either, and they each lost one of their main players to injury this week, so can Arsene Wenger and his players take advantage?

Arsenal still have time to rescue dreadful summer

A Worrying Summer by Vir

Well, up until this point it’s been an all too quiet transfer season for us, and the frailties in Arsenal’s squad were exposed by Villa (and Anthony Taylor). However, we won’t go into that again, and this article will try and see why the summer has seemed incredibly anti-climactic thus far.

If Suarez stays, Arsenal will look like penny pinching fools!!

News that’ll surely anger the Arsenal fans by AH

It just doesn’t get any better for fans of Arsenal Football Club does it? A board that has a business minded structure and a manager that is stingier than those that do their weekly shop at poundland, when it comes to transfer windows being an Arsenal fan just isn’t something to get excited about.

With just 18 days left before we reach 1st September 2013, Wenger needs to make several key signings to firstly improve our team, but secondly to make sure we have enough strength in squad depth. And the news that Luis Suarez’s future looks increasingly likely to now remain at Liverpool puts the nail in the coffin for the hopes and dreams of Arsenal this summer.

The many reasons Arsenal fans should be optimistic like Wenger

Wenger is getting us there by Sam P

I can understand the frustration that has built up over the summer for Arsenal fans, as we have been linked with every player and his dog and then watched most of them sign for other clubs. But I cannot understand why so many Arsenal fans seem to think that Arsene Wenger is deliberately trying to pull the wool over our eyes, and that he is just looking for excuses not to sign any players and to save the club money.

Have Arsenal fans got any optimism left?

Arsenal rollercoaster ride by Stefan

The mood and opinions of an Arsenal fan seems to change so often, more often than any other football club I can think of. Take this summer for example, we started off in a mixed mood that was mostly good. Some people were a little frustrated that the players were celebrating finishing fourth as if we had won a title. Unfortunately in these times, that is the equivalent to winning a title for us now and it’s like winning the Champions League to the board.

Will Arsenal really rely on youth this season?

Arsenal may have to rely on youth by Stefan

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made comments about the club’s young players today and said how they will have a big role to play this season. This sounds to me like a small hint at saying that this summer’s transfer business will be conducted as usual with no £50M strikers or any top, top players incoming.

Many Arsenal fans have already said the same thing and this is an example of being profit driven in the transfer market once more.

Arsenal are going to end up with some bruised plums, lol!

It is becoming ever more clear this summer that Arsenal are struggling in the transfer market. We have been told that there is money to spend, and I believe there is. The problem seems to be, for Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board, finding players to spend it on.

We don’t know for sure that Arsenal were seriously interested in most of these targets, because the only bid that has been confirmed is for Suarez. We can reasonably assume, however, that the interest in Higuain, Jovetic, Fellaini, Williams and Cesar had some basis in reality. There is a common factor in all of these transfer sagas, and with the pursuit of Suarez, and that is money.

Arsenal have now tested fans’ patience to breaking point

Can we trust the people in charge of Arsenal any more? by Stefan

This is a question that I have pondered several times in recent years but I have asked it to myself more in the last few days than ever before. We really are in hard times as the glory days of the invincibles are gone and have been for some time.

As transfer targets disappear, do Arsenal have only Suarez left?

What happens if we don’t sign Suarez? by Dominic

At the start of the summer transfer window Arsenal were linked with hundreds of strikers, with names including Higuain, Jovetic, Villa and so on. However as the window has progressed we have seen Arsenal drop out of the running for each of these players and as a result seen them move to other clubs (or in Benteke’s case sign a new contract). Now I’m not necessarily saying that I’m too aggrieved at missing out on some of those players (as we all have our own personal favourites on which ones we’d like Arsenal to sign) but it’s the fact that we seem to be missing out on everyone that has angered me.

Hope is turning to another summer of despair for Arsenal fans!!

Has this transfer window been a failure for AFC? by AH

Already 8 weeks into this summer’s transfer window, the usual lack of action and business has happened at Arsenal and although all the outgoing players this time haven’t been our best players, like previous years, we once again find ourselves in the position where our squad is looking to be exactly the same, or even worse than the previous year as we approach the beginning of the 2013/14 Premier League season.

Wenger’s Deja Vu quote on transfers a big worry for Arsenal fans

Wenger: “We are not close to signing anyone” by Ash

I’m afraid it’s bad news for Arsenal fans today, after Arsene Wenger has basically confirmed what was on all our minds. – This summer isn’t going to be any different than any other in terms of Arsenal’s transfers. The Arsenal fans were certain that after the end of the season and Wenger’s comments that we would see a change in attitude and ambition in terms of transfers from Wenger, Gazidis, Richard Law and the rest of the Arsenal board. But oh how wrong we were.