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Reus injury gives Arsenal faint hopes of beating Dortmund

Thankfully for Arsenal, our Champions League opponents on Wednesday are doing even worse than the Gunners are in their domestic league. After a damaging and disappointing home defeat by Man United, Arsene Wenger will struggle to get his players into any positive sort of mood for the visit of the German club Borussia Dortmund, but at least they will not be feeling too great themselves.

Already missing some key players, including the Arsenal transfer target and their best centre back Mats Hummels, their star forward Marco Reus had to replaced yesterday after picking up an ankle injury that will almost cewrtainly see him miss the game at the Emirates.

Klopp makes BIG step towards replacing Wenger at Arsenal

Unless he has been on the moon or simply does not read the papers or use the internet, Jurgen Klopp must have heard the Arsenal transfer rumours that have proclaimed him as one of the main front runners to take over from our current manager Arsene Wenger, whenever that might be. And after the loss against Man United, it could be sooner rather than later.

It seems as though the German is not against the idea at all. In fact, Klopp has almost encouraged the Gunners to make a move to prise him away from his current club Borussia Dortmund, in a statement reported by the Daily Mail. And the 47-year old could be ready to take the reins at Arsenal sooner rather than later.

Comparing Arsenal with Newcastle, Everton and Dortmund!


What happened at Swansea was so depressing that it brought pealing fit of laughter from me. Interestingly though we have three parallel propositions of varying circumstances and positions for an observer to finally take a subjective as well as objective call on the quality and competence of our Mr. Arsene Wenger.

Can Arsenal take heart from the Newcastle and Pardew saga?

It seems to me that Arsenal Football Club and the fans find themselves in this situation at least once a season, with Gooners everywhere fuming and calling for the head of Arsene Wenger. Last season it reached it’s peak when the January transfer window closed and the manager had covered for the injuries to Ramsey and Walcott and our lack of striking options by doing a loan deal for the injured and aging Kim Kallstrom.

Arsene Wenger is NOT Arsenal Football Club

Some people think that Arsene Wenger is Arsenal football club by KM

It’s hard to believe that there are still people out there who think that Arsene is some sort of god who does magic tricks to put Arsenal into the top 4. I read a lot of comments on this site saying that “there is no pot of gold hiding somewhere”, when the truth is that Arsenal have lots of money to fix some obvious problems.

Giroud to be Arsenal’s secret weapon against Dortmund?

I may be looking a bit too far ahead here, with Arsenal first having two crucial Premier League games away to Swansea City and at home to Man United to get through, with the international break sandwiched in the middle, but the news that Olivier Giroud will be back in training next week made me consider when the centre forward would actually be back in action.

Why it’s TOO SOON for Arsenal fans to PANIC…

Don’t Panic Arsenal Fans! by Sam P

There is a lot of anger and recrimination going on among the Arsenal fraternity again, after a woeful display against Borussia Dortmund in Germany that could easily have ended in another one of those really heavy away defeats that we had to suffer last season.

So we have the inevitable calls for Wenger to leave the club, while players like Mesut Ozil, Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker are being slated and told they are not good enough to play for the Gunners. And I can understand people’s feelings but just want to call for a bit of common sense and patience here.

Savage on Wenger’s Arsenal replacement – He’s not gone yet Robbie!!

BBC Pundit suggests who could replace Wenger at the helm! by Ash

Arsenal don’t seem to have the best relationship with the media and more often than not, if they aren’t making up rubbish transfer rumours or trying to cause a stir between the players at the club, than they are exploiting Arsene Wenger and his team in every way possible. However this time they have managed to speak about a topic on everyone’s lips. The topic being, ‘if Arsene Wenger goes this summer, who will replace him?’

Arsenal fans need to think about this…..boldly!

What if Arsenal…? by Uche

I am sitting in my office quietly taking in the fall-out of our disastrous humiliation at Stamford Bridge last weekend. I am stalling on my reaction because, well, after all these years staying calm is my preferred response. So for the first time in a long time, I refused to be infuriated by the outcome of that match and believe me, it wasn’t easy to withdraw like that.

An AKB admits maybe it IS time for change at Arsenal

Last Chance Saloon by Neil Sim

What worries me is the stuff I keep reading about Wenger saying he was ‘puzzled’ by the Chelsea defeat and not knowing why it happened. On Arsenal.com he also said ‘An accident has happened, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a good driver.” Three maulings like that is no accident. And he shouldn’t be puzzled for 7m a year and decades of experience.

I have to admit to being a bit worried now. I desperately want him to stay, I can’t bring myself to wanting him out. We can’t let him leave after being humiliated and laughed at by that tw*t Mourinho. It would break my blimmin’ heart.

Should Arsenal worry about Dortmund interest in Gnabry?

It was not long ago that Arsenal fans spent more time in any transfer window worrying about which players we were in danger of losing rather than dreaming about the quality players that Arsene Wenger might bring into the club. It seems like that time is now over though, especially with the club having flexed it’s financial muscles to bring in Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid.

So on the face of it, the Mirror report claiming that German giants Borussia Dortmund might be preparing to try and poach young Serge Gnabry from Arsenal should not be anything to worry about, or should it? Gnabry is German himself and must be well aware of the fantastic stadium and support that Dortmund have.

Why Arsenal are good bet for Champions League

We have already heard Jurgen Klopp say that Arsenal are contenders to win the Champions League, after the Gunners outplayed his Borussia Dortmund at the Emirates before grabbing a hard fought win in Germany. Klopp is a good person to ask as well, having steered his team to last tear’s final and been unlucky to lose to Bayern Munich.

It is arguably the hardest competition to win, although it is not as relentlessly testing as the Premier League, because of the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG and more to have to get past. But I think that Arsenal could really do it this season.