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Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea Player Ratings – Wenger MOTM!

Arsenal won the Community Shield yesterday and Jose Mourinho showed his true sulky self by throwing his losers medal into the crowd. Arsene Wenger could have gloated more but showed his class by letting the result speak for itself rather than Jose’s histrionics in defeat…

Analysis – A combined Chelsea and Arsenal XI show our weaknesses

Why are Arsenal fans so positive? By Galen

The summer has all been about Arsenal becoming title challengers with our players and fans believing this could be our season. I feel pretty confident too, but may be not as confident as everyone else. In the last couple of weeks fans have disagreed about transfers, with some arguing that it is very difficult to improve Arsenal. You hear people say how can we improve the team or get players better than the players at Arsenal?

Arsenal have enough firepower to win the League!

What do Arsenal NEED to win the league? by JH

This question seems to divide our entire fanbase.

Some say that in order to win the premier league, we must buy a 30 goal striker, while others say the need for a center back to replace the BFG is greater. I disagree with both. I believe this squad, IF we can keep our side fit, has more than enough goals to win the league.

In-Depth Analysis of the Arsenal squad – Part 2 Defenders

Continuing my analysis of the current Arsenal squad by JA

We’ll rate them again based on comparisons of requirements for the roles.

Why Arsenal could be looking for a centre-back to replace Koscielny

Many Arsenal fans are seemingly worried about the fact that the new Real Madrid manager Rafael Benitez has become interested in signing our very own Laurent Koscielny as a replacement for the departing Sergio Ramos. We all agree that Kos has one of very best players for a long time, but as the Frenchman is now 29 years-old you have to admit that a reported price of £21 million is very hard to ignore.

Arsenal musings – Cech, Koscielny – and Alexis to burnout?

Possible ins and outs? When will be our first signing? by KM

Hello everyone. Did you get your day rolling from the morning off? Whats up with the Arsenal news lately? Well we are at our usual Arsenal state of transfers. We’re linked with some people, then the window seems like its frozen then some news pops up again and so on.

The Curious case of Arteta and the Arsenal captaincy

Does Arsenal need a new captain by Galen.

Arsenal have had some great captains and great leaders in the past. They didn’t just captain Arsenal but they captained their countries as well. I think of Adams and Viera. In the last couple of years we have changed captains like a pub team. From Gallas to Cesc to RVP to Verminator to Arteta….Our captaincy situation has become a joke. I even hear fans saying that when you are made Arsenal captain it means you will soon be out of the club. LOL!

Arsenal’s internationals The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Internationals. How did our boys Do? By Galen.

It has been a good week of International football for most of the Arsenal players. I watched a few games to see how they fared and, like always, you are impressed with some and disappointed with others. Where do I start with —– oh yeahhhh…