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Arsenal must follow example set by Liverpool

I am not saying that Arsenal should be rubbish and never win the Premier League, or that we should fail to win an FA cup game at home and have to squeeze an unwanted replay into an already congested fixture list and then have that game go into extra time which we would then lose just as the penalty shoot out was looming. That is an example set by Liverpool that we should definitely not follow.

Ramsey’s accepting attitude highlights BIG Arsenal problem

Most Arsenal fans have spent the last day, or the last few weeks if you want to look at it that way, tearing our hair out in frustration and feeling angry that the Gunners look like blowing our best chance of winning the Premier League in years due to the same old failings.

Should Arsenal mirror Man City and Bayern´s protests?

The fans of Arsenal Football Club have had to put up with more than most in the modern age, although I´m sure that the supporters of clubs like Leeds, Portsmouth and others will have a different point of view. Yes we have always had Champions League games to look forward to and despite the failure to win a trophy for almost a decade, Arsenal have never been in danger of relegation or going into administration.

Arsenal fans want changes – not more excuses

Debate: Has Arsenal became stagnated under Wenger and Kroenke’s running of the club? by Koss The Boss

Arsenal need to strike NOW after UEFA ease FFP rules

The last couple of years have been the best for a long time for Arsenal and the fans, financially speaking as well as on the pitch. Not only has Arsene Wenger finally had some decent money to spend in the transfer market following the Emirates stadium debt being paid off, but our big spending rivals Chelsea and Man City have had their wings clipped a bit by the Financial Fair Play rules that UEFA brought into action in 2009.