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Could Kroenke complete take-over attempt be good for Arsenal?

Stan Kroenke is believed to have made an offer to Alisher Usmanov for his 30% stake in Arsenal Football Club, and the reaction from fans has been to urge the Uzbekistan-born Russian to refuse to sell.

Controversially I believe this could actually bring a positive change, although the obvious doubts are of course warranted.

Arsenal fans backlash against ‘scum’ owner Kroenke

Arsenal fans are raging at the latest news which reports that Stan Kroenke is launching a channel dedicated to the trophy hunting of animals.

The Gunners have been growing more frustrated with the ideology of Kroenke in recent years, with many growing frustrated with his attitude to spending, and some very frustrated with his persistence to stick with Arsene Wenger, but the latest reports have increased anger tenfold.

#KroenkeOut! Wright believes Usmanov would galvanise Arsenal

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has urged for Stan Kroenke to give up the reigns of the club, with Alisher Usmanov coming in with a monster bid.

The Gunners have just endured their worst campaign since Arsene Wenger took over as boss back in 1996, although their campaign can seemingly be saved with a last-ditch entry to the Champions League, as well as having the FA Cup final to play out.

Arsenal boss claims he has open cheque book this summer

Arsene Wenger has claimed that he has as much money to spend as he wants, as he looks to go one position better next season.

Arsenal capped off an extremely passionate finish to the season by snatching second-place in the table from neighbours Tottenham. Their 4-0 win yesterday was enough to leapfrog their near-rivals as they went onto get embarrassed by already-relegated Newcastle United 5-1.

If not Wenger, Arsenal need major changes to squad

We will have to see what effect, if any, the protests from Arsenal fans at the Norwich game today, in the press and social media and in the two Premier League games still to come will have on the Arsenal board and our glorious leaders Stan Kroenke and Arsene Wenger, but you get the impression that the Frenchman will still be in charge of Arsenal at the start of next season.

Veteran Arsenal fan lets off steam!

Long standing Arsenal supporter has had enough by PH

Hi Fellow Gooners

Last year I gave up my season ticket.

As this season draws to a close I share the frustration of all Gooners. I am sure we are all more embarrassed than disappointed, as we have let a workmanlike but unexceptional team like Leicester clinch the EPL.

At last! Organized protests at Arsenal will force the issues

Arsenal fan groups announce riots? Interesting times for sure!‏ by KM

Well, well, a happy good day to you all! By far the best news for me is coming from the fact that three of the Arsenals biggest fan groups – the Arsenal Supporters club, the Black Scarf movement and REDaction have released statements that change is needed. I feel like there is no need to quote the statements, because this site had enough of the points pointed out there being put in place!

Arsenal frustrations lead to latest planned protest

Arsenal fans have grown increasingly frustrated with their lack of progression in recent seasons, and the surprising revelations of Leiecester has only enhanced their anger.

Supporter groups AST, REDaction and the BSM have all agreed to participate and promote a protest during the upcoming league fixture against Norwich City. They are asking fans to lift up their banners in the 12th and 78th minutes with the slogan: “Time for Change. Arsenal is stale — fresh approach needed”.