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Is it FEAR stopping Arsenal from replacing Wenger?

The chief executive of Arsenal Football Club Ivan Gazidis has been speaking about the Gunners and about our manager Arsene Wenger. And Gazidis’ words on the longest serving manager in the Premier League by a mile, as well as giving the Frenchman all the credit he deserves for what he has dome for the Gunners, also suggest to me that one of the reasons that the frustration of large numbers of Arsenal fans about the boss have not led to us changing managers is the fear of what comes next.

Arsenal fans shafted by silent Stan…again!!

Are any of us Arsenal fans really all that surprised to hear that to club’s owner, or major shareholder, has done something that indicates once again that he sees the club as nothing more than a part of his global business empire and the Arsenal fans as cash cows to be milked regularly?

The latest from our mate, silent Stan Kroenke, is that the American billionaire has taken around £3million out of the club as a dividend payment, something that was suggested would never happen. According to the report in The Guardian, the money was paid to one of Kroenke’s companies for so called `strategic and advisory` services. I wonder if this advice included selling your best players and replacing them with cheaper versions.

Wow! Arsenal reward Wenger with 3 year deal and £100m transfer kitty

It seems there is no doubt at all in the minds of the Arsenal hierarchy that Arsene Wenger is the man to bring the glory days back to the Gunners. The fact that a contract offer has been on the table for some time shows that Silent Stan Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis, Sir Chips Keswick and anyone else with a say, did not have to see the Frenchman steer Arsenal to FA cup glory this season, but I think the manager and players did need it.

How can Arsenal make the most of £100m transfer budget

Who do we bring in with £100 million? by KJ

It has been reported that Stan Kroenke has sanctioned a transfer kitty of £100 million for Arsene Wenger to spend this summer. I don’t know if this is a ploy to get Arsene to stay or whether it is a genuine statement by Kroenke to signal Arsenal’s intentions this summer. Either way, it is a great amount of money to spend in the summer and there aren’t too many positions we have to fill until we have a team that can consistently challenge for the title next season. So how do we spend that £100 million?

Is Arsenal owner in town for Wenger contract or BIG money transfers?

Arsene Wenger close to signing new Arsenal deal! by Ash

At the end of this season, Arsene Wenger would have completed his 18th season in charge of the Gunners having joined back in 1996. The Frenchman has gone on to win numerous trophies with the club including the elusive Premier League trophy.

Under Wenger, Arsenal have won the English League on two notable occasions, firstly at White Hart Lane and then in Arsenal’s invincible season of 2003/04. These are just two occasions in which Wenger has proved his worth to the club not to mention the FA Cups and League Cups we have also won under him. Although Arsenal have never won the Champions League, a trophy that continues to elude him, more worrying is the fact that Arsenal are currently on an eight year trophy-less streak.

Is Kroenke finally focused on trophies for Arsenal?

It has seemed to many Arsenal fans for some time now that the majority shareholder Stan Kroenke was more concerned about running Arsenal Football Club as a profitable business rather than a successful club on the pitch. An eight year wait for a trophy, while seeing the best players like Fabregas, Cole, Nasri and van Persie sold for one reason or another, did nothing to distract from this opinion.

Why it’s TOO SOON for Arsenal to give Wenger new contract

Wenger should not be given new contract yet by Dave N

Do Arsenal play in red and white? I wonder sometimes because everything seems either black or white with us at the minute. One minute, Wenger has lost the plot, his passion and any tactical awareness he once had. He was an accountant, a tool of the board, and many fans and football experts thought he should leave Arsenal.

Just a month or so later, and he is a tactical genius, the best manager in England, if not the universe. The Mirror reports that he is set to be offered a bumper new thee year deal, and everyone thinks it is a brilliant idea, except me.

Can Arsenal make it Heavenly 17th for Wenger?

On September 28th 1996, Arsenal Football Club signed the paperwork making the fairly unheard of Frenchman Arsene Wenger the new manager of the Gunners and the rest, as they say, is history. Wenger is now seemingly as much a part of Arsenal as the white sleeves or the cannon, and after Stan Kroenke’s glowing praise this week, things look set to continue that way for the foreseeable future.

The players have huge respect and admiration for Le Prof, while many of them, such as Aaron Ramsey, owe him a lot for his faith and for improving their careers significantly. Hopefully, they will want to repay him in the best way possible, by marking his 17th anniversary at the club with a win away to Swansea City.

Silent Stan speaks out on Arsenal, Wenger and Suarez transfer

The majority shareholder of Arsenal Football Club is the American billionaire Stan Kroenke, who with his family owns lots of other sports teams in America. His nickname `Silent` Stan is well earned, because we rarely hear anything from him, even on his rare visits to see the Gunners play, but he has recently given an interview and revealed a lot more than usual.

Just what makes Arsenal so special? Class in the DNA

Dear Gooners, yesterday Michael wrote an excellent article about how he came about to love the Arsenal. It is great to see that it is not just the club’s successful history and prestige still attracting fans during these trophyless years, but more so the impeccable and timeless ethic our club has displayed on and off the pitch since its establishment. Arsenal just have that something that other clubs do not have. Call it swagger if you will, the way which Arsenal have conducted itself on many different fronts is something we can all be proud of.

Have Arsenal and Wenger fooled the fans with Ozil transfer?

Wenger the enabler by dboy

I have to admit that the signing of Ozil has got me excited, but having said that, I am not completely happy with the way Arsenal transfers were handled. I can’t help thinking that the signing of one big name player was the plan of Wenger and the board all along. This signing was nothing but a PR stunt on behalf of Arsene and the board to fool fans once again.

Wenger should NOT take all the blame for Arsenal’s troubles

An outline of the board’s view of how to run Arsenal F.C by MJ

I have noticed people still feel that Wenger is the one to blame for Arsenal’s complete and utter failure in the transfer market. I must clarify straight away I am not what can be labelled an ‘AKB’ in fact far from it. For the last 2-3 years I have felt that Wenger has lost touch with the modern game of football. However, I do feel many of you are overlooking the ‘business model’ that has been put in place at Arsenal. Clubs are run solely by a few men in suits sat round a rather large table, in which they discuss how they wish the club to be run. They discuss all the possible routes the club can take, how to make the money and how to spend it.