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Arsenal chief hints at HUGE summer transfer spending!!

As well as being great news for Arsenal fans who are looking forward to Arsene Wenger being able to sign more top class players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil before the start of next season, the recent words from the Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis suggest that the club’s hierarchy are no longer happy to accept that we are doing well to stay in the Champions League.

LOADED Arsenal to hand Wenger just £50m and demand glory

I know that £50 million is a lot of money and even in the money rich English Premier League, there are a lot of club managers who would love to be able to spend that much in the summer. But I do not think it is really enough for Arsenal to give Arsene Wenger. Not if they want the Gunners to mount a proper title challenge that is.

Who is REALLY to blame for Arsenal’s problems?

New Year, but no real change and is it going to get better or far far worse? by LD

Well happy new year gunners, or is it?
It would seem that with the festive period out of the way and the start of another transfer window that there is a lot of fat to chew over for the faithful Arsenal Fans.

The BIGGEST problem with Arsenal is the FEAR of change

Wenger will not win the title in 10 years, not 3 by KM

Sorry for the long post, but the reasons for Arsenal’s situation are more complex than just one factor. Arsene Wenger came out with some pretty ridiculous statements about winning the Premier League title in 3 years. I mean, we all enjoy a good joke, but he hasn’t done it in 10 years, another 3 will not be enough.

Should Arsenal keep Wenger….and get rid of Kroenke?

Is Stan Kroenke or Arsene Wenger to blame for Arsenal’s steady decline to mid table mediocrity..? By PTN

I’m asking this, not as a knee jerk reaction from a few embarrassing results- but from a gradual decline in quality and deep concern that’s been growing for the past 3-4 years.. A sadness.

Has Arsenal chief set ball rolling to sack Wenger?

The co-owner of Arsenal, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, has not got a place on the board of Arsenal, even though he would dearly love one and is second only to Stan Kroenke in how much of the club he owns. So that means he has no direct control or say in the running of the club.

Usmanov urges Arsenal to SPEND SOME MONEY!

Arsenal’s second largest shareholder Alisher Usmanov has been very quiet about the club in the last year or two, but now with the Gunners languishing in 8th place in the Premier League he has spoken out and urged Arsene Wenger to spend money on reinforcing the squad.

Arsenal and the Board don’t have the passion to be Champions

Arsenal Collapse by SG

I have been an Arsenal fan ever since they dominated English football, became the ‘invincibles’ and inspired a generation of young fans. In stark contrast now Arsenal has withered away and is clinging on to the past that was and the reputation of being a massive contender. Sadly Arsenal really have regressed year after year. It is clear that the top teams in Europe are way beyond the footballing ability of Arsenal.