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Will you be disappointed if Arsenal DO NOT win the League?

We all know that after the fantastic form Arsenal were in towards the end of last season we were all full of expectation that this season just started could be the year when we finally became title challengers. All summer we listened to the players and fans talking up our chances that ‘this could be our year’, but we were all suddenly brought back down to Earth by our opening day defeat.

Former Arsenal keeper is right and Cech will bounce back

There has been a lot of talk in the football media and plenty of concern among the Arsenal fans out there after our only signing of the summer endured a nightmare on his competitive debut. Even though Arsene Wenger refused to lay too much blame at his feet, the fact is that Petr Cech and his two glaring errors in goal cost us all three points against West Ham.

Can Ospina REALLY be Arsenal’s next GREAT number ONE?

JUst like with Vieira and Gilberto, Arsenal fans have been waiting for a player to fill the massive hole once filled by our goalkeeping legends David Seaman and Jens Lehmann. Many have tried but none have quite managed it yet, but after a stunning start to his Arsenal career between the sticks our Colombian international David Ospina has the sort of stats that suggest he might be the one.

Why don’t the Arsenal Board do something about Wenger?

Who is the boss at Arsenal Football Club? by KM

Another day has passed and i still fail to accept the fact we are beaten by average teams missing their best players. I just wish we had someone on the board who could step up and make the right decision. Arsenal is going backwards because of its manager.