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Wenger right to blame ref? Do UEFA hate Arsenal and EPL?

The first part of this post is concerned only with the game between Arsenal and Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League last night, and more specifically the job done by the referee and his assistants. Arsene Wenger, while accepting that Arsenal were not at our best, also claimed that the officials and their poor decisions were a major factor in the result.

Why Chelsea can help Arsenal to lift Premier League trophy

With Arsenal travelling across London to Stamford Bridge on Saturday to face the current Premier League champions Chelsea, the poor form and internal strife of Jose Mourinho┬┤s team could certainly be a big help to Arsene Wenger and the Gunners, as a win would have us fully over the shaky and worrying start of the season.

Arsenal NOT out of the woods yet

Arsenal still have a lot to prove by DN

I am not trying to be too negative about Arsenal here, but just as many Arsenal fans reacted very badly and it was all doom and gloom after West Ham shocked the Gunners in the opening Premier League game, I think it is a bit too soon to be saying that our problems are over.

Forget transfers – Arsenal need to FIGHT in every game


Arsenal can’t finish above Chelsea? Seriously?

All Arsenal fans are used to the TV pundits berating Arsene Wenger and saying things like “You can’t win the title with Olivier Giroud”, but it is annoying when ex-Arsenal players join in with the criticism.

Calm down Arsenal fans – We’ve only lost ONE game!

Would you like some cheese with that whine? by Big Gun

Calm down Arsenal this happened last year – Repeat…..

Calm down Arsenal this happened last year

I wanted to send a little reminder about how positive we were at the beginning of last season after beating Manchester City in the Community Shield last year, and compare it to this campaign, when we beat the reigning champions Chelsea. Sometimes in feels like we are in a time loop with the same thing happening where we end up in fourth (Oh or third!!) every season. This is what was published on JustArsenal last year in August….

Do Arsenal need a BIG favour from Chelsea?

I am not talking about Arsenal getting a refund on the Petr Cech transfer and am really not worried about his opening day nightmare despite all the gloating and rubbish spouted by the chavs in the last few days. And I can hardly believe I am saying this but I am actually hoping that Chelsea do well in their next Premier League game.