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Calm down Arsenal fans! It’s only pre-season…

Pre-season form means little to Arsenal title hopes by DN

I am not trying to say that Arsenal would be better off losing a game or two in the build up to our latest attempt to win the Premier League but when I see how carried away some of the Arsenal fans are getting after we won our first two pre-season games, I cannot help but think that they are building themselves up for a fall.

Arsenal already have edge on Premier League rivals

Arsenal in pole position! by Sam P

It may turn out that Arsene Wenger and all concerned are left regretting the lack of Arsenal transfer action as the Premier League season wears on. Not only could we be hit with the usual raft of injury problems, but we might find that a few key players are not playing as well as might have expected.

Why is Wenger so relaxed about rival transfers?

Arsene Wenger seems to be the calmest man connected with Arsenal Football Club at the minute. While us fans are in the usual summer routine of waiting anxiously for the Frenchman to make some big waves in the transfer market and hopefully wading through a daily mountain of Arsenal transfer rumours, Wenger has got his feet up and is sipping a cocktail or two.

Why Sterling transfer could be disaster for Arsenal

I am sure that most Arsenal fans have been watching on and having a right old laugh about Raheem Sterling and the transfer saga involving the young England international, his club Liverpool and the chasing Man City. I even wrote an article the other day about how the ongoing wrangle was good for the Gunners because it was bad for all the parties involved.

Why Arsenal fans are happy for Sterling saga to drag on

Arsenal fans have had to endure more than our fair share of disappointment and stress during various transfer windows in the last 10 years, so I know what it must be like for Liverpool fans and, to a lesser extent, Man City fans this summer with the ongoing transfer saga surrounding the young England international Raheem Sterling.

Can you believe that Samir Nasri wanted to rejoin Arsenal?

Samir Nasri refuted any claims that he asked for a return to Arsenal. There were reports going around that the French attacking midfielder approached his former Arsenal boss with a view to get back to the Emirates stadium.
The report claimed that the former Gunner is now unsettled at Manchester City and spoke to Arsene Wenger. But Nasri sought to quash any such rumours by taking to Twitter. He posted two messages on his official account to say that the reports had nothing to do with him.

Arsenal need to strike NOW after UEFA ease FFP rules

The last couple of years have been the best for a long time for Arsenal and the fans, financially speaking as well as on the pitch. Not only has Arsene Wenger finally had some decent money to spend in the transfer market following the Emirates stadium debt being paid off, but our big spending rivals Chelsea and Man City have had their wings clipped a bit by the Financial Fair Play rules that UEFA brought into action in 2009.

Could Wenger really sell “Mr. Arsenal”?

With four days remaining until the official opening day of the transfer window everyone is waiting for a flurry of big money bids for so-called “home-grown” players to fulfil the new FA regulations. From the start of next season every Premiership team must have at least 8 HG players in their squads.