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Have Arsenal really matured this year?

Let’s be honest, most Arsenal fans are not very confident that the Gunners will keep going all the way to the end of the season and win the title, but this is solely a result of our previous experiences where Arsenal have faded only to finish in 3rd or 4th place.

Ozil reveals his aims for Arsenal this season (plus video)

The ex-Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil took a while to get acclimatised to being an Arsenal player in the more physical Premier League after La Liga, but he used his time off through injury last season to bulk up his upper body and his extra body strength has paid off since his return.

As if Arsenal would sell Alexis to Man United! Pull the other one!

Okay I am writing this post under pressure because it was mentioned in a comment by Fatboy, but the fact is that this is probably just the start of the silly-transfer-story season, so we can expect a few more of these up to the New Year and beyond.

Congrats Arsene! Perfect October wins Manager of the Month

You would think there was an air of depression around Arsenal at the moment with all our injury and after the humiliation in Munich last week, but the fact is that the Gunners had a brilliant October, including the massive win over the so-called “unbeatable” Bayern Munich.

Arsenal set to break Tottenham’s unbeaten run – Expect the Unexpected!

This has been one of those crazy years where us Arsenal fans can always expect the unexpected. We started off by winning every single game in pre-season and breaking Arsene Wenger’s awful record against Jose Mourinho in the Community Shield.