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Wenger – The next Arsenal boss will be in a strong position

Arsene Wenger has been ridiculed many many times over his fixation of getting Arsenal into the Top Four every year but failing to win any other trophy for eight long years until last season’s FA Cup victory, but in a deep interview with the BBC he is proud of his achievements.

Bayern Munich admit wanting Arsene Wenger as manager

There is an interesting bit of news from Germany this morning concerning Arsenal, as Uli Hoenness has decided to tell the world that Bayern Munich often tried to lure Arsene Wenger to the Allianz Arena over the years.

David Moyes preparing to replace Wenger at Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has been charged with getting Arsenal into the Champions League places every season, and the position has now been renamed as “The Wenger Cup”. Last season the Gunners just scraped into the Champions League, but now for the first time in 16 years it looks like this position could be in serious danger of slipping away from him.

What Arsenal need to end eight years of failure…….

Arsenal in Decline by MG

There is no doubt, unless you are the ultimate optimist, that Arsenal FC is in a downward spiral.

This decline started with the sale of Thierry Henry, for a pittance, and the failure of the manager and Board to replace him with another first class striker.

Arsenal need a manager with the HUNGER TO WIN!

Arsenal have sacrificed our football legacy for a financial one. by GP

Let me be very clear. Arsene Wenger is the best manager we have ever had. Because of the contribution he has made to not only the English but the world game, I have him up there with the very best. Not winning the champions League maybe be a blot on his Arsenal CV to some but his record as a coach developing players into great players cannot be equalled by anyone else.

Arteta could be the Arsenal manager one day!

Mikel Arteta had been an Arsenal player for just a year when his leadership skills were rewarded by Arsene Wenger with vice-captaincy of the Gunners. His new deeper lying position in midfield allows him to control the game, and he is keen to continue to do so when his playing career is over. The main down side, according to the Spaniard, is the pressure that managers are under in the modern game.