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It’s time for Arsenal to prove the doubters wrong!

Anti-Arsenal Media won’t stop the Gunners! by Martin Scott

The naysayers have had a field day with recent Arsenal results for some reason, claiming Arsenals title credentials (or lack thereof) has been exposed, but I don’t understand the pending panic!

Arsenal Debate – EIGHT reasons why the media hate Wenger!

Why is Arsene so unpopular? by TB

I’ve just read a piece asking why Arsene Wenger doesn’t get the respect he deserves from people within the game and the media. As someone who greatly admires Arsene and what he has done for football, and especially Arsenal, I get very frustrated by the amount of abuse he has to suffer and so I decided to have a go at answering the question – why dont people like Arsene?

Brilliant Jenkinson snubs Shreeves after Arsenal game

Carl Jenkinson really came of age for Arsenal last night. He put in a massive shift on the right flank in place of the injured Bacary Sagna, and pushed Laurent Koscielny hard for the Man of the Match in my opinion. He is a Gooner, and you could see how proud he was of the team at the end of the match, even though the 2-0 win was not quite enough to stay in the Champions League.

Arsenal boss going to war with media!

Arsene Wenger expects a few hard questions every now and then, especially when his Arsenal team are in a poor run of form or have suffered a bad result. The calm and collected Frenchman is finding it harder and harder to stay relaxed, however, in the face of increased pressure and what he sees as impertinence and bad journalism.

Ignore the Media hysteria! Arsenal are actually doing okay……

Stay Positive: by SV

Today, I’d just like to have a quick say on the attitude after the Sunderland game. To most Arsenal fans’ great credit, we have remained positive following an indifferent performance against Sunderland at the weekend. Usually, this wouldn’t be the greatest achievement but I think that, considering the stance of the media, it does take some doing on this occasion.

Barcelona Vs Arsenal: The “Tapping Up” Continues

Tired Of The Media Tapping Up Arsenal Players

Getting fed-up with the media having a tendency to circulate stories about Arsenal players more than any other? Yes, me too.

Yet another individual in the footballing world has been quoted having his say about the Barcelona and Alex Song situation.

Why do the media pick on Arsenal? (And Spurs are rubbish!)

It’s Guest Post time, and today the subject is Arsenal v The Media. There have been lots of stories lately saying that Spurs will be bigger than Arsenal, Man City will be bigger than Arsenal (didn’t we hear those two last summer as well?), we have Big Sam, Alex Ferguson and Ryan Shawcross (spit!) all having a go at Arsenal, and the media lap it up, but why? Over to Adam……