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Wenger still not happy with Arsenal defenders

Arsenal go to Man City today to try and hang on to third place in the league knowing that a draw will be enough to take into the final game against Villa.

Maybe this is why Arsene Wenger has come out again publicly to criticise his defence in the hope of getting a better performance out of them today.

Who’s the best CB transfer target for Arsenal, Hummels or Stones?

I am going out on a limb here and assuming that Arsene Wenger will now accept that some of the current Arsenal squad are not good enough, and to have any chance of winning the Premier League title next year he will have to add some real top quality players in the summer transfer window. We all fear, though, that the Frenchman will not agree.

BFG thinks Arsenal can be Premier League winners! If…

A positive and optimistic view of Arsenal, the current campaign and the chances of Arsenal winning the Premier League title in next season might not carry as much weight when it comes from one of players in the Arsenal squad, but the reason suggested by Per Mertesacker for the struggles of the Gunners this season is the same one suggested earlier this week by the West Brom boss Tony Pulis, our awful injury record.

Do BFG comments expose Arsenal’s fear of missing top 4?

I am sure that I am not the only Arsenal fan that is just about fed up of hearing one of the Arsenal players or the boss talking about team spirit, solidarity, bouncing back and sticking together. That is the sort of thing we are always being told but there is precious little evidence of it on the pitch.

Did Arsenal miss a trick and help Carroll with BFG on the bench?

Arsene Wenger would have had to hand in his Arsenal team selection before he knew how West Ham would line up today, but even though the big centre forward has not started a Premier League game for about three months, I could have told Wenger that Andy Carroll would start against us today.

Arsenal’s BFG worried he will miss amazing EPL title chase

Only the Arsenal manager will know whether the current first choice pairing of Gabriel with Laurent Koscielny at the heart of the Arsenal defence is a temporary arrangement or something that the manager is taking on a game by game basis. Even if it is supposed to be the new regular central defensive set up we know that can quickly change depending on form, fitness and disciplinary issues.

Time for Arsenal’s ‘Leaders’ to step up! But who are they?

I was not as furious as some other Arsenal fans when Arsene Wenger decided that Arsenal would be the only Premier League club not to sign a single outfield player in the summer transfer window. After all, the injury situation was looking a lot better and I agreed that the transfer of Petr Cech from Chelsea would have a big impact.