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Arsenal Debate – Should we use Wilshere in his England role?

Should Wilshere be Playing a Deeper Midfield Role for Arsenal As Well? by AT

Undoubtedly, the biggest relief Arsenal can take from the latest international break is the fact that there are no new injury concerns to address. In addition to that relief, there was also the sheer joy of watching the Gunners’ English contingent shine so bright for Roy Hodgson’s side against Scotland. Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Danny Welbeck all put in good performances, but the pick of the lot was Jack Wilshere, playing in a much deeper role.

Flamini – Arsenal need to defend as a team – Hmm….

There have been some strange mutterings from Matthieu Flamini this week, especially as he came on the pitch against Anderlecht just in time to see Arsenal’s worst defensive display of the season so far! I guess could be putting forward that th team needs to defend as a whole to ry and delect criticism against him and his fellow defenders.

“Defending as a team is very important,” Flamini said on Arsenal.com. “You have to defend as a team but you also have to attack as a team and it’s very important to play very closely with each other.

The tactics that will see Arsenal triumph over Liverpool

How Arsenal will beat Liverpool by KJ

It’s almost the weekend and Arsenal will be playing the biggest fixture of the Premier League weekend against Liverpool. They’ve been very strong in the opening parts of this season, thanks to the stellar partnership of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. But how do we approach the Liverpool game and what will be the key to success? I have a couple of ideas.

Why Arsenal need Juan Mata – and why Chelsea are unlikely to let him leave

Juan and Santi… The Differences and similarities! by MH

Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla. Both Spanish. Both midfielders. Both have bags of creative ability and a winning mentality. Both have extremely similar playing styles. So what could the main difference between these two fantastic footballers really be?

I’ll tell you. The difference between the two and their performance levels is how much Arsenal and Chelsea rely on them, therefore how they’re used by their current clubs.

Arsenal have cleared the deadwood – but where are the replacements?

The Arsenal Squad is Dangerously Thin by PH

I have not seen many fans on this site agreeing with Wenger’s idea that Arsenal are ready to challenge for titles again. Every year now Wenger tells us that we are about to challenge on all 4 fronts, but the fans know that we have no chance of doing that with a threadbare and injury prone squad. To say nothing of the opposition buying up every player you can think of.

Arsenal Debate – Our Defensive Midfield Options 2013/14

Arsenal midfield 2013/14, the defensive line by Blaz

In the last couple of days there were plenty of photos on Arsenal.com of players starting preparation for the new season. First of all, what are Chamakh, Andre Santos, Bendtner, Park still doing there? And secondly, there was an interesting face I’ve seen. I almost forgot about The Dench himself, when I saw Frimpong smiling from the photo. Remember him? Went on couple of loans, got few injuries, kicked van der Vaart around,… But this year things might change – one of our potential future golden boys, Francis Coquelin went on a loan. It seems Frimpong will get his chance to play with the big boys (about time though). And his natural place of play is DM. So, we have Arteta, Ramsey playing there and now Frimpong.

Arsenal Debate: Strengthening our midfield is the key to success?

Arsenal’s midfield key to challenging? by Ash

In my opinion Arsenal have had one of the Premier League’s most talented midfields for a number of years now. In our glory days our midfield was pivotal to our success with a lot of the team revolving around main anchor-man Vieira. After that we went through our struggle but once again managed to build a forceful and talented midfield in Fabregas, Song/Wilshere and Nasri. Of course we then lost three out of four of those players and have once again become rather weak in midfield although there’s no doubt that the combination of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla is talented, it’s nothing like the old days and so Wenger is looking to strengthen this area of the team, knowing that the midfield can really be the place on the field that determines your success in the outcome of a game.

The positions Arsenal REALLY need to strengthen

The Areas in our Team that REALLY need Strengthening by Uche

Hello boys and girls. The 1st of June is here at last, and with that comes the eager anticipation of new signings at Arsenal. Up until now, we have managed to find excuses for the club’s lack of announcements of new signings because the transfer window has not officially opened. But once it is 12am on the 1st of June, we are officially allowed to rip into Arsene and the Arsenal Board if nothing is announced.

Arsenal Debate – Can The Ox become our new Fabregas one day?

Could The Ox Be Arsenal’s New Fabregas? by FD

What is it with modern day footballers? They all seem to want to play in the centre of the park. What happened to all the dashing wide players of yore? Nowadays it’s as if players are trying to stay as far away from the pitch side fans as possible.

Arsenal Debate: Is this team tough enough to scare opponents?

Do Arsenal need more steel in their side? by FD

I was reflecting on a recent comment by Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan, in which he’s quoted as saying that he thought Arsenal were “a wonderful club to play”. He was probably referring to the overall experience at the Emirates, rather than just the actual match, but it had me wondering how other teams might consider the experience of playing against the modern day Gunners.

There can’t have been many players, other than, perhaps, Roy Keane, who relished the prospect of facing Patrick Vieira or Emmanuel Petit in their physical prime. And ex Gunners such as Sol Campbell, Tony Adams and Steve Bould wouldn’t have provided many pleasant memories for opposing forwards.

Ramsey and Arteta partnership the reason for Arsenal’s new consistency?

Considering that both Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey are both integral pieces of the Arsenal side this season, it may come as shock to most Gooners to find out that that they have only played together in the centre of midfield for the last seven games, and surprisingly enough that has resulted in zero defeats and five wins!

Obviously it would be simplistic to say that that is the ONLY reason for our current form, but with a solid settled midfield any good team is harder to beat. Even Ramsey is happier now he is back in his favoured position, and with Arteta playing deeper it has allowed the Welshman to be pivotal in moving the ball forward.

Why Arsenal fail – and how to change it!

Why Arsenal Fail by NS

First of all, we have the obvious answer. We sell our best players. Even to our rivals. It’s like Winston Churchill selling Adolf Hitler his Spitfires and destroyers.

Secondly (another obvious one) is the owner. I’m not going to go on about him as enough has been said already. He’s not helping, put it that way and I’m no fan of his. Some say it’s Wenger not spending the money he’s given. We may never know.

Finally, I will get to my third point. Wenger may not have any control over the first two points, but he can do something about the third one.