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Wenger – We lost our heads but Arsenal are on a good run

Arsenal are preparing to face Everton today and Wenger is at pains to be as positive as possible after our disappointing Champions League defeat and reminds us all that there is still another game to play to turn it around. “All the circumstances went against us against Monaco,” Arsène Wenger told the official Arsenal website. “We lost our heads a little bit when things went against us. We lost patience too quickly, we lost security too quickly and we lost discipline too quickly.

Arsenal slaughtered on the pitch – and off it!

I can’t wait for Arsenal to get a great win against Everton today to take our minds of Tuesday’s 3-1 slaughter at the hands of Monaco in midweek. We were made to look like a Sunday pub team by the average French side who had five of their best players out injured.

Arsene Wenger quite rightly said that “everything went against us” and says he always gets “slaughtered” after a bad result. He was asked if he felt under pressure after Arsenal were all but eliminated from the Champions League.

Why Arsenal must put focus on DEFENCE against Everton

Of course with Arsenal playing at home in the Premier League today, the fans will want all three points. And the fact that it is an Everton side that has struggled in the league this season will only increase expectations.

Add to that the need for the Gunners to quickly put the Monaco nightmare behind us and the fact that the race for the top four is tougher and tighter than ever and you have a recipe for Arsenal to go on the attack right? Wrong, in my opinion anyway.

At least `embarrassed´ Arsenal star will NOT hide

Arsenal fans will be hoping and expecting more than just a positive attitude from the France international striker Olivier Giroud tomorrow, if Arsene Wenger selects him to play against Everton at the Emirates stadium that is.

But having the right attitude will be a good place to start for the big Frenchman after he put in one of the worst displays we have seen from him since he came to Arsenal nearly three years ago. But it was not the first time that Giroud has missed chances.

Former Arsenal star RIGHT to back Wenger and attack Morgan

Piers Morgan is an Arsenal fan apparently. That is what he would have you believe anyway, despite the fact that he always seems to be slagging off the players or the manager. I am not sure which part of Arsenal Football Club he actually likes.

I don´t follow him on Twitter but you don´t have to have his opinion foisted on you because of his status as a ´celebrity´and his insatiable desire to make his opinion known to us lesser mortals. But the former Arsenal and Scotland international keeper Bob Wilson does seem to follow Piers and has responded angrily to his latest rant against Wenger, as revealed by a Metro report.

Monaco openly expose Arsenal’s tactical weaknesses

It is one thing for Arsenal fans to think that Arsene Wenger’s team simply had a “bad day at the office”, but it is quite another when the opposition admit that they knew exactly how Arsenal would perform, and how easy it would be to counteract their game plan.

The Monaco striker Dimitar Berbatov, who had lavishly praised Wenger before the game, made it clear that the Gunners had played into their hands. He was asked in the Guardian if he had been surprised to have found so much space in the Gunners defence.

Arsenal’s tactics WERE RUBBISH but Monaco were clinical!

Analysis of Monaco game by Big Gun

To say that Arsenal were extremely poor is taking it a bit far. We had three or four excellent opportunities on goal, two of which under any other circumstances (or striker) should have been in the back of the net. I am talking about the one that hit Walcott’s leg from Welbeck shot and the one Giroud scuffed over the bar. Those two goals could have done wonders and perhaps even change the whole direction of the game. Giroud also had another open header he should have done much better with. We were trailing, so Wenger went more offensive which is actually why we conceded a third. If we had scored those goals though, it would have been a completely different outcome. Remember, Monaco’s first goal was a lucky deflection. Besides the two goals they scored, how many decent chances did they actually have on goal? The difference between them and us was that they were clinical in front of goal, and we were not.

How did Arsenal become so VINCIBLE?

Arsenal could hardly have played a worse game right before Sky Sports showed the recently released video celebrating the amazing achievements of our best team ever; ‘the invincibles’ side that won the 2003-04 season without a single defeat. I watched it again anyway to cheer myself up.

But in a way it was the perfect time because it highlighted a failing that the Gunners have had for some time now, our vincibility (and that is a word you can look it up). In some ways the current side are great and we can play brilliantly but every now and then, like last night against Monaco, we go missing and make it so easy for our opponents to beat us.

´Brainless´ Arsenal stuck in time warp! How to get out?

I can just imagine Arsene Wenger getting the Arsenal team (full of talent and experience all over the pitch) just before the Champions League first leg at the Emirates last night. `Right lads what I want you to do is panic if we don´t get an early goal and throw everyone forward. Leave just one player back to cope with their counter attacks. And I want the forward players to run down blind alleys and take on three defenders, don´t worry if you lose the ball´.

Arsenal need some leaders or we’ll never change

Gutted! by CT

Before tonight’s game with Monaco, I was fairly optimistic after four years of drawing against stronger opponents and only being narrowly defeated, we finally had a great opportunity to make it through to the quarter finals of the Champions League. But after watching that absolutely disgusting display, which took me by surprise to say the least, has left me wondering what the problem actually is at Arsenal.

Wenger says Arsenal MUST solve UCL first leg problem!!

The last time that Arsenal progressed from the first knockout stage into the quarter-finals of the Champions League was in 2009. The Gunners played the first leg at home and beat Roma by 1-0. The scores were reversed in the away leg and we needed penalties to go through but we did it and went on to the semi’s.

Since then Arsenal have generally messed it up in the first leg and given ourselves a mountain to climb. A 2-0 loss at home to Bayern Munich last time, 3-1 the year before and that awful 4-0 disaster away to AC Milan in 2012 tells a clear picture.

Ospina relaxed and expected to play for Arsenal tonight

It was rumoured that the new Arsenal Number One was injured after the weekend’s game at Palace, but Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he is ready to lay. Wenger was asked about Szczesny at the pre-game press conference.

He said: “I worry about every single player in my squad and I want every single player to be happy but at the end of the day only 11 players can start the game. That’s the same for every single player. We have competition for places and that’s part of our job. I don’t think that’s a special worry.”