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Arsenal NOT targeting Big Names after all says Wenger- WTF?

I really hope that Arsene Wenger is playing mind games with the teams whose players Arsenal are hoping to sign, because the Frenchman has started to say things that send a cold shiver of dread running down the spine of your average Gooner.

The other day he started talking up the current squad and claimed that we were good enough to challenge for the title, even if no signings were made during the summer transfer window. Sound familiar? His latest soundbite is along a similar line, and suggests that the chances of us seeing the top quality players we were all expecting at the end of last season are disappearing faster than the look of delight on the spuds faces when they found out that Newcastle had not really equalised on the final day.

Arsenal need to win trophies to hang on to Jack Wilshere

Bayern Rebuffed by Ash

Wilshere has announced something that will give all Arsenal fans a sigh of relief after small reports speculated that perhaps Arsenal could lose one of their star players once again this summer. However this time around the player in question, Jack Wilshere was quick to diminish reports stating; “Obviously, I’m flattered. How can you not be? They’re the best team in Europe, but I’m an Arsenal player and I just signed a new deal. So right now all I’m focusing on is the upcoming season.”

Wenger – Arsenal need to strengthen but the competition is very hard

There has been much talk of Arsenal’s record amount of funds in the transfer kitty this summer, but with the current squad ending the season with a brilliant ten-game unbeaten run Wenger seemed to hint that there is not much need for reinforcements to be brought in.

“In the last three months, I believe we have been remarkably consistent.” Wenger said: “We won every away game so it’s a good springboard for next season, to transfer that belief into the start of next season. That means we need stability and to strengthen our group if possible. There are many clubs out there with a lot of money so the competition is very hard. There’s not as much talent as money today in football.”

Can Arsenal succeed without Usmanov?

The Usmanov dilemma by AH

In the last couple of hours news has come out that Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov will consider his stance at the club and sort out his future by the end of the season. Current majority shareholder American businessman Stan Kroenke has a very bad reputation with the Arsenal fans. Often criticized for his lack of ambition and will power to financially benefit the club, Usmanov is always one of the first to come out and publicly condemn him.

Arsenal Debate – We won’t win a trophy until Usmanov takes over

Usmanov and Dein are needed by Arsenal now! by Big Gun

Something just struck me after the beating Real Madrid took last night from Dortmund. Robert Lewandowski is part of a really good team, definitely one of two best teams in Germany and currently one of the best in the world. But it looks like him AND Gotze are on their way out, more questioningly to a rival Bundesliga team. Now doesn’t this REMIND you of a certain club? Arsenal were one of the best teams in 04/05 in the world, if not THE best. Yet, all our best players packed up and left. I mean WTF? It all boils down to one word. Money. Borussia Dortmund are in a similar position to Arsenal, in actual fact financially they are a lot worse off. Klopp built a lot of that team from nothing, and now that some of his players are certified superstars, they are all going where they can earn more.

Why Stan Kroenke is likely to accept Arsenal takeover offer

The breaking news today that a Middle East consortium has prepared a massive bid to take Arsenal off Stan Kroenke’s hands is likely to be welcomed by the American with open arms.

Anyone who saw the miserable miser who is the ówner’ of Arsenal trying to hide from the freezing English weather while in the Emirates watching his “investment” getting destroyed by Bayern Munich last week will be under no illusion that Stan Kroenke was enjoying himself, in fact he hid himself under a big red blanket and may well have been asleep for all we know!

Can Wenger make Arsenal great again?

Where has our Arsenal gone? by AH

In the space of 8 years we have seen our club go from the edge of greatness, from consistently winning trophies every year and celebrating being arguably the best team of the world, to a team that struggles week in week out against much weaker opposition and we can now only dream of going far in competitions, let alone getting to the final and winning something.

Gazidis Sorry to Arsenal Fans – bit late Ivan!

I bet the Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis was cursing his luck after scheduling a meeting with Arsenal supporters for the day after the worst result in Arsene Wenger’s time at the Gunners. He probably thought that Wednesday night would be perfect because the fans would be happy to be in a semi-final with a good chance of some silverware after seven lean years, but it proved to be just the opposite.

“I would like to apologise to all of you, especially the fans who travelled up there. I t was unbelievable support as ever, and you deserved better.

Laudrup – Arsenal can’t compete with Chelsea Man United and City

The Swansea manager Michael Laudrup is preparing to face Arsenal at the Emirates today, but he doesn’t think that Arsene Wenger’s team has any chance of competing for the Premiership title against the Big Three of City, United and Chelsea.

In the pre-match conference Laudrup was asked if he thought that he was coming up against a team that could win the title, and he replied with an emphatic “No.”

“Not because they have dropped points but because I think the title is only between the two Manchester clubs and Chelsea, and at the moment the Manchester clubs have the advantage in terms of points and momentum.

Wenger talks about spending money at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger not scared to spend by AH

Arsenal manager Arséne Wenger has told reporters that he isn’t afraid to spend the money Arsenal have in the bank – if the right player(s) are available. Arsenal are often slated for their lack of spending in the transfer windows and although we bought fantastic players in Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, we sold Robin Van Persie and Alex Song, totalling up the money exchanges to about a loss of around £15 million.

Former Arsenal man predicts future glory for the Gunners

Jens Lehmann On Arsenal’s Transfer Decisions by AH

Former Arsenal Goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has spoken out on Arsenal’s transfer decisions and especially the Robin Van Persie situation that lasted for most of the summer transfer window.

The times have changed for Arsenal since Lehmann was in the team, and another thing that has changed in football is the money. And it’s the money that Lehmann puts Van Persie’s departure down to. Lehmann said;

Van Persie simply blackmailing Arsenal for more money?

Can RVP still play for Arsenal? by KJ

The main news today is that Van Persie may yet still play for the Gunners next season after Sky Sports reported that the motive to his statement was money.

I find it quite revolting if true that this whole stunt was for Van Persie to get some more money. We apparently offered £130k a week as well as a £5 million signing on fee. I don’t know how much more he wants. That is the top of any wage ceiling we have. Arsenal simply can’t afford to pay him anymore.