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Arsenal star gets stunning praise from Italian great

We all know that the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil is having obne hell of a season in an Arsenal shirt. Because of ouy loyalty to the badge, however, no matter how good we think the creative player is there is always a sense that we might just be seeing things through rose tinted glasses.

Should Gibbs should start more games for Arsenal?

The Arsenal and England international left back Kieran Giibs has been the subject of some Arsenal transfer rumours over the last week or two, as this season has seen him forced to play second fiddle to Nacho Monreal and then some reports suggesting that Arsene Wenger was looking at the transfer of the young left back from Leicester City Ben Chilwell.

Does Arsenal transfer rumour latest spell end for Gibbs?

One of the latest Arsenal transfer rumours has the club linked with the young Leicester City full back Ben Chilwell and after Arsene Wenger swooped this month to relieve them of their very successful head of technical scouting Ben Wrigglesworth, the east Midlands club must be wondering what they have done to make us pick on them. Having the cheek to challenge the mighty Arsenal for top spot might be the one.

Chelsea boss worried about awesome Arsenal full backs?

I have seen quite a few football pundits this season who have included both of the first choice Arsenal full backs Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin in their Premier League team of the season, and I am certainly not going to argue with them.

Wenger and the fans persuaded me to sign…..

Arsenal may have signed a bit of an unknown entity in Mohamed Elneny, but we know that with the contract extension given to Nacho Monreal we are getting a proven world class player of the first degree. The Spaniard admitted that it was difficult when he first arrived without speaking any English, but he has quickly settled and is now one of my most consistent performers every single week.