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Arsenal’s BIG mistake points to a new Wenger transfer strategy

Arsene Wenger’s big mistake by Lazyboy

Arsenal see TWO striker targets join other clubs

The expectation among Arsenal fans, built to a crescendo by the Arsenal transfer rumours in the media, is that Arsene Wenger is set to announce the first big name signings of the summer transfer window tomorrow. The fact that this announcement will happily coincide with the fans’ chance to spend their money on the new Arsenal range by PUMA, is surely just a lucky happenstance.

Arsenal confirmed as possible destination for Alvaro Morata

The rumours linking Arsenal with the young Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata seemed to have cooled since it was revealed that Madrid were demanding 30 million euros for the 21 year-old around a month ago. The Italian giants Juventus were reported as offering 18 million for him, and the Bundesliga club Wolfsburg have also proclaimed there interest recently.

Arsenal sign Alvaro Morata for 10m euros – says Spanish Press

If you go on the premise that there is no smoke without fire then it would seem that Arsenal are on the verge of signing the young Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata, as there is an avalanche of stories regarding the deal this morning.

Spanish side edge ahead of Arsenal for 2 transfer targets

I really hope that Arsene Wenger was merely trying to throw people off the track of what Arsenal are planning to do in the transfer market, when he claimed that he did not expect much business to be done early on this summer. Because if he was serious, I think he may have misjudged the situation quite badly.