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AVB and Adebayor believe Wigan can beat Arsenal

Tottenham nabbed a last minute winner against Stoke yesterday to keep themselves in with a chance of nicking the last Champions League position from Arsenal, and believe that Wigan are in the perfect frame of mind to cause an upset at the Emirates tomorrow evening.

Wigan may have won the FA Cup, but now they are fighting for their Premiership survival, and the Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas thinks that they are primed and ready for tomorrow. AVB said: “Obviously there is great emotion and motivation going through the Wigan players’ heads at the moment, and we saw the message from Dave Whelan saying they are absolutely focused.”

It is time for us to get behind the Arsenal team! (plus inspirational video)

Time to Support or Disappear in Shadows by KA

From time to time we have all seen us demanding various Arsenal players to be sacked our our great manager to be sacked. We say “This player is not good, That player is not good” and to a certain extent our demands are not without justification. But my friends the time has come that we should stop moaning – at least till the end of the season – and support team till the end. Even by any chance if any of the Arsenal player or manager read this blog (Which i am sure they do! :P)

Do Arsenal fans still have faith in Wenger?

Wenger Knows……What? by BN

After yesterday’s dire performance, yet another one this season, for me it’s time for change, I want Arsene out.

You must question his motivational skills for the team to continually start games as slow as we do . We need to get into teams from the first whistle put them under pressure make them scared to come to the Emirates, but we tap the ball around from side to side with no threat or penetration and allow visiting teams to settle their nerves and enjoy their surroundings.

A comedy of errors sends Arsenal out of the FA Cup

Arsenal 0 – 1 Blackburn, how did this happen? BY kj

I’m still in disarray after that result. How did we manage to get knocked out in both domestic cup competitions against lower league opposition?

We started the game off sluggishly and were just playing safe passes in the neutral areas of the pitch. We didn’t really need to push the game at that point and concede a silly early goal. However, we struggled throughout the half to create anything and it was frankly quite worrying. Gervinho missed such an easy chance that again there was massive questions over what he actually offers Arsenal. Giroud was anonymous and Chamberlain was making a lot of wrong decisions.

Arsenal players lack the motivation to succeed….

Is Arsene Wenger Being Prudent or Selfish? by DM

I feel one of the key reasons we keep getting the wrong result regardless of who we sign is that our players are not motivated.

When Arsenal buys a player for peanuts and makes a fortune from his sale a few years after, we all get on the blogs and hail an excellent business model that earns profit for the club. But when a player asks for an equitable pay for his efforts, we call him ‘greedy’, ‘traitor’ and all sorts of names. The truth is if most of us were players, at least at this present era in world football, we would all want to get the most equitable pay for our skills. Walcott is asking for £100k and everyone (on Arsenal board) is crying foul but even a less endowed player in some other club takes home something much more.

How many chances do Arsenal need to secure Third Place?

This has been one of the most rollercoaster seasons I have ever known, and for Arsenal it has been even more up-and-down than for other clubs. The depths of anguish at the beginning of the season when Arsenal were as low as 17th after gaining just 7 points from their first 7 games made it look like the season was over before it had begun, but Arsene Wenger dragged the team back up the table.