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Jose Mourinho AGREES with the Arsenal Boss for a change!

The annoying Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is usually running Arsene Wenger down in one way or another, but I have finally found a subject that they both agree on. The Arsenal boss has been complaining about the Premier League not delaying the start of the season, so as to give the players enough time to recover.

Arsenal have had to give his World Cup Winners from Germany extra time off to recover from their exertions and this is why Wenger is annoyed. Wenger told Setanta: “We could have done with one week later in all the competitions,”

Arsenal only need Mourinho to motivate us towards trophies!

Can Arsene Wenger prove Jose Mourinho wrong once again? by SE

“He is a specialist in failure. 8 years without a piece of silverware, that is failure” were the words coming from the putrid Portuguese, who didn’t fail to mince his words when he held parties for journalists on Friday evenings as part of pre-match press conferences. And, it was rubbing salt into the wounds for Wenger, when he took Arsenal to Stamford Bridge for the reverse fixture and saw his side lose 0-6 in Wenger’s 1000th game with Arsenal. But when the curtains were drawn on the 2013/14 campaign, the reality came to the fore. Arsene Wenger – ‘Specialist in failure’ clinched the FA cup and ‘The special one’ – Mourinho ended the season empty-handed. Following in the same vein, Can Arsene Wenger prove Mourinho wrong once again?

Fantastic Arsenal transfer news on Khedira, Vidal and more!

For quite a while now, it has not been the easiest job in the world to be an Arsenal fan. Not only have we had to endure the club’s slide from the pinnacle of becoming the only team not to lose a single game in a Premier League season, but have had to bite our tongues as the fans of our rivals take the mickey.

And they have had good reason. Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool and Man City have all been able to make fun of Arsenal in recent years, which makes it all the more sweet when us Gooners have good reason for laughing at them. So here are some nice little morsels for you, Arsenal fans, from the recent transfer rumours.

Will Khedira really snub Chelsea and become Arsenal’s top earner?

It looks like Arsenal could soon have five World Cup winning players in the squad, when previously it was only our Spanish midfield maestro Santi Cazorla with one of FIFA’s top medals to his name.

After Germany beat Argentina in extra time on Sunday night, three more Gunners joined Cazorla, and according to a Daily Star report, Mesut Ozil, Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker could soon be joined at the Emirates by their international team mate Sami Khedira.

Arsenal to lure Chelsea star across London? Dream On!!

There is a very unexpected Arsenal transfer rumour doing the rounds this morning. It involves a shock move by Arsene Wenger for the Serbian international defender Branislav Ivanovic. I am not surprised to hear that the Frenchman would like to sign the Serb, as reported by Metro, I just cannot see it happening.

While I think he is a great player who would be a fantastic replacement for both Thomas Vermaelen and the departing Bacary Sagna, with the ability to play at right back or in the middle, he is the same age as the French international so the club would have the same reluctance to offer Ivanovic more than the two years offered to Sagna.

Fabregas looking for success with Chelsea after Arsenal rejection

Arsenal´s old El Capitan has confirmed that Arsene Wenger simply rejected to exercise the Gunners famous “buy-back” option when Cesc Fabregas decided it was time to leave Barcelona, but is now looking to be “phenomenally successful” at our bitter rivals Chelsea.

Fabregas revealed that in his conversations with Wenger,the Frenchman made it clear that Mesut Ozil was the new Main Man in the Arsenal midfield, and there was no longer a place in the Arsenal side for the 27 year-old. Fabregas said: “There came a moment when I decided my time at Barcelona was over and I only tried to look for the best option for me.

Khedira! Can Arsenal finally beat Chelsea to a transfer target?

I am glad that Arsenal are not a club that has bought it’s way to football glory, and that Arsene Wenger has done more for the Gunners, English football and many young footballers’ careers. But as much as we might feel a bit superior in some ways to the billionaire’s plaything that is Chelsea, it would be a lot nicer if we could occasionally beat them to one of our transfer targets.

Why Arsenal should NOT fight Everton for Eto’o transfer!

There is some Arsenal transfer news today that could be seen as bad news for the Gunners, but I personally do not think so. Because the Arsenal rumour linking us with a free summer transfer move for the Cameroon international striker Samuel Eto’o never seemed like a good idea to me.

The 33-year old may well have a point to prove to Chelsea, after Jose Mourinho’s snide comments about his age were caught on camera, but is that really enough of a reason to sign a striker. And he would not be cheap, even though we would not have to pay a transfer fee, because his wage demands are significant.

Arsenal favourite to make BIG mistake joining Chelsea!!

There has been a lot of talk about the former Arsenal captain and fan favourite Cesc Fabregas recently. Many of us Gooners have always harboured hopes that we would see the midfield magician back in the red and white of Arsenal one day, so the growing likelihood of him going to Chelsea does not make good hearing.

We didn’t want him to join Man United either, but unless Arsene Wenger decides to activate the clause giving the Gunners first option if Barcelona sell him, there is little we can do. What surprises me, if it is true, is that Fabregas has agreed to the transfer. He doesn’t have to.

Fabregas saga shows Arsenal must get ruthless with Chelsea!

It seems like Arsenal and Chelsea are operating at different poles of the football world. It is not all about the mutual bad feeling between managers Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho either, although clearly the two do not see eye to eye on very much at all. Now The Telegraph are reporting that the spiteful one is trying to ensure that any deal with Barcelona for Fabregas does not see the Gunners receive a single penny.

Samuel Eto’o wants Arsenal move to annoy Mourinho!

The widely decorated Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o still has bags of ability going by some of his excellent performances for Arsenal’s London rivals this season, but his one year contract is now set to end and he has no intention of extending his stay at Stamford Bridge.

According to today’s Mirror, Eto’o is keen to move to Arsenal as a way of sticking two fingers up at Jose Mourinho, who suggested that the Cameroonian was even older than he is, which prompted the 33 year-old to do his infamous walking-stick goalscoring celebration.

The Mirror stated:

BPL rivals give Arsenal fans a right good laugh!!

After nine years without a trophy, Arsenal finally have an FA cup to celebrate. Since Patrick Vieira scored the final penalty against Man United to lift the trophy in 2005, Arsenal fans have had to take some serious ribbing from their rivals, but now it is time for some payback.

The spuds are too easy, really, like shooting fish in a barrel, but the fact that Gareth Bale scored the winner in the Champions League final, while the players they spent his transfer fee on could not score in a brothel, gives us Gooners a nice new bullet to fire at them.