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Arsenal must heed wise words of Cech on Chelsea danger

I can understand why the new Arsenal number one has come out with some words of support for his struggling former club. After all, Petr Cech spent 11 years at Stamford Bridge while the mega millions of Roman Abramovich helped Chelsea to their most successful period in history.

Wenger’s rival has dire warning for Arsenal fans

They were never exactly the best of friends, especially when Arsenal were the main rival to Manchester United in the search for trophy success, but Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson clearly have some respect for each other, rather than the thinly veiled dislike and disrespect that is between the Arsenal boss and Jose Mourinho.

Jose blasted – Arsenal play fantastic football, Chelsea the opposite!

As Chelsea coasted to the Premier League title last season, Jose Mourinho never missed a chance to insult the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger. This season the tables have turned but Wenger has resisted the chance to put the boot into the Portugese bus conductor even though he has been as obnoxious as ever.

Did Arsenal boss just suggest Mourinho is killing Chelsea?

Arsene Wenger may only have been talking about the things that are happening in the Arsenal dressing room and discussing how important to our hopes of winning the Premier League title it is to keep the team spirit in the group as strong as possible.

Petr Cech should give up talking to the Press about Arsenal and Chelsea!

We all know that Petr Cech is a fantastic goalkeeper that is going to be instrumental in Arsenal winning the Premier League title this season :-), but I’m not sure that he should be allowed to answer questions from journalists in the future, as he is totally out of touch with this world!

Great news and some justice for Arsenal from Spain

It will not help Arsenal directly, as we have already lost the game while the villains of the piece Chelsea were gifted a Premier League lifeline with their win over us a couple of weeks ago, but I think all Arsenal fans will be happy and even a little vindicated with the latest news from Spain.

Wenger has earned the right to be untouchable at Arsenal

Yesterday, one of our readers, Adam Kemp, wrote a long and detailed article about why Arsene Wenger is holding back Arsenal chances of success. This generated a lot of responses, and The Analyzer wrote a comment that was even more detailed than Adam Kemp’s article. He has asked me to post it as an article in its own right for discussion. So here it is……

Wow! FA let ArsenalĀ“s Gabriel off red card

I must admit to being very surprised to hear that Arsenal have had the appeal against the sending off of Gabriel upheld by the FA. We never get any help from the footballing powers that be, so they must realise what a terrible job Mike Dean did for us at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.