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Would Chelsea really sell Petr Cech to Arsenal for just £10m?

Wojciech Szczesny has seemingly been permanently relegated to the subs bench at Arsenal and there is every possibility that he may decide to move on this summer to safeguard his place in the Poland national side. As for our current Number One, the jury still appears to be out on David Ospina abilities as a top class keeper, so there are definitely possibilities that the Gunners my be in the market for a new stopper this summer.

Wenger´s support of Refs is HELPING Arsenal

One way of looking at the way things have been going for Arsenal this season with referees is that our luck is evening itself out, as the old adage says will happen. Except that it is supposed to work over the course of the season and Arsenal have had, in my opinion, the wrong end of decisions for years so hopefully it will take a couple more years of good decisions to balance out. Yeah right!

The Arsenal Board doesn’t understand CHANGE or AMBITION!

A few wins in a row and Arsenal fans seem to forget years of hurt by KM

The AKBs are back with a bang! The mood at the Arsenal camp is swinging faster than a pendulum on a clock. Winning against the like of West Ham and QPR seems to be enough for some to forget the pain we suffered thanks to our manager in the past 10 years.

Wenger WRONG to dismiss Arsenal title hopes as Chelsea get the blues!

It still looks like Arsenal will need a minor miracle to be able to challenge Chelsea for the Premier League title, but we are certainly closer to doing it than we were a few weeks ago. Arsene Wenger is playing it down and saying that the Gunners are too far behind the league leaders, but I think he is wrong.

Wenger is RIGHT to believe Arsenal CAN win EPL title

Arsenal are not quite out of the title race yet by Sam P

If you did not see the press conference given by Arsene Wenger yesterday, as Arsenal prepare to take on QPR in the Premier League, you may have missed this, because most of the media reports on the subject focused on the Frenchman saying that we were ‘nowhere near’ challenging Chelsea for the title. You can watch the whole thing via this link to the Arsenal website.

Arsene Wenger is Arsenal’s Kryptonite! (And the Reasons Why)

Wenger is Arsenal’s Kryptonite by AD

No-one likes Mourinho but he is RIGHT about Arsenal!

Mourinho’s latest swipe at Arsenal…. by KM

We all know Jose Mourinho is a drama queen, a media feeder. He creates stories for the press and never fails to create a spark, or take a swipe at Arsenal. He was asked about his relationship with Arsene Wenger and what he thinks of Arsenal and what the Chelsea boss said again had a background dig at Wenger.

Has Arsenal boss got it SPOT ON with referees?

There is no doubt that Arsenal got the rub of the green with a couple of key decisions in our away win over Crystal Palace yesterday. Arsene Wenger admitted as much himself and with what happened in another part of London yesterday, namely Stamford Bridge, the issue of referee decisions has been thrust into the spotlight again.