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Is Wenger really scared Arsenal won’t challenge Man Utd?

Well you kind of knew that it would not take long for the Arsenal manager and his long term rival Jose Mourinho to get back to their old trick of aiming verbal bullets at each other and that is what has happened before the new Premier League season has even started.

Arsenal MUST hurry as Man United seek new defender

There have been suggestions that Arsene Wenger may try to get by with the centre back options already available to him in the Arsenal squad, some even going so far as to suggest that he might employ either Francis Coquelin or the young academy star Krystian Bielik at the back despite both of them being defensive midfield players.

Proof Arsenal were RIGHT to let Man Utd have Ibrahimovic?

The only thing I would like to see more than Arsenal lifting the Premier League trophy at the end of the up and coming season (well maybe not the only thing but let’s stick to football) would be for Jose Mourinho and Manchester United to flop like a souffle taken out of the oven too soon.

Euro 2016 to make Wenger rethink Arsenal tactics?

The tactical side of football is always developing and changing to some extent and Arsene Wenger has himself earned a well deserved reputation for the way that Arsenal have played the game since he took over as our manager almost 20 years ago. But the possession based football that has been the Arsenal way for many years now could be coming under threat from the new tactics that were widely used at this summer’s Euro 2016 tournament, so I wonder whether the prof is starting to think seriously about a rethink.

Should Arsenal join Man Utd and offer Fabregas transfer lifeline?

From being a massive favourite among Arsenal fans, even when he left the Emirates to return to his boyhood club Barcelona back in 2011, the Spain international midfield star Cesc Fabregas became persona non grata with Gooners after he came back to the Premier League two years ago to join up with Arsene Wenger’s old nemesis Jose Mourinho.

Which of Man Utd’s unwanted 8 should be Arsenal transfer targets?

The bad news for Arsenal fans on the transfer front right now, along with the usual frustration about the seeming inactivity on the part of Arsene Wenger and our club, is that the hated pairing of Jose Mourinho and Manchester United are spending big money on what appear to be some very good players like Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic.

Should Arsenal raid Man United for this unwanted star?

Manchester United have apparently given the number 8 shirt to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the coming season, meaning that Jose Mourinho looks set to demote Juan Mata for the second time.

The midfielder was Chelsea’s Player of the Year for two years running before Mourinho returned, and instantly promoted Oscar ahead of the Spanish international.

Arsenal get rumours as Man Utd get Ibrahimovic and Chelsea get Batshuayi

I do hope that Arsene Wenger has a fantastic ace up his sleeve when it comes to getting a new striker for Arsenal fans to cheer about in the current summer transfer window, but I must admit to living more in hope than expectation and as the days and weeks tick by my concern increases that it will be the same old story for us.