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Is Chelsea game a ‘must-win’ for Arsenal in title race?

Arsenal have had two tough away games at Stoke and Liverpool where we have traditionally struggled to gain points, but we have come away with two hard-earned points. We may be happy with that return (or not!) but now we must aim to get back to winning ways back at the Emirates against another bogey team, Chelsea.

Arsenal to offer Fabregas a transfer lifeline from Chelsea jeers?

Among all the delight from Arsenal fans and the taunting and gloating aimed at our rival fans from west London following the sacking of their special one Jose Mourinho by the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, I saw one Metro report showing that some Arsenal fans had posted things on social media hailing our former captain Cesc Fabregas for his work as a ‘secret agent’ at Chelsea.

He’s right! It’s now or never for Wenger and Arsenal

Arsenal fans have certainly been having fun at the expense of Jose Mourinho and all the Chelsea fans over the last couple of days and I’m pretty sure that Arsene Wenger might just have had a few moments of happy reflection to himself as well, if not a large glass of French brandy and a big fat cigar.

Arsenal to challenge Chelsea for transfer that could seal EPL title?

I would love for this Arsenal transfer to happen as not only would it provide the Gunners with a player that I believe would seriously enhance our chances of winning the Premier League this season, it would also really get under the skin of the serial Wenger and Arsenal taunter Jose Mourinho.

Allardyce being nice because he fears Arsenal backlash?

Maybe I am just being cynical here, but when I hear people that have previously taken great delight in tormenting Arsenal and our manager change their tune and start to say nice things about Arsene Wenger and the club I cannot help but question their motives.

Mourinho rooting for Wenger to fail again!

Many people would say that the rivalry between Jose Mourinho and Arsenal’s very own Arsene Wenger is manufactured and inflamed by the media, but from what I have seen I would say there is a very real and deep malice between them, and their relationship is hardly going to be improved by the Chelsea boss’ latest verdict on how he would like our crucial Champions League game against Olympiakos to pan out.

Arsenal legend twists the knife on struggling Chelsea

In his new job as a TV pundit for Sky Sports, the former Arsenal and France international forward Thierry Henry has got to at least try to keep his bias in check, as the likes of Gary Neville and the hordes of ex Liverpool players do with varying degrees of success. Everyone knows which teams these different commentators have a preference for but they still have to do their best to see things objectively.

Arsenal star warns Chelsea are NOT out of EPL race

Arsenal fans know that winning the Premier League is an unbelievably hard thing to do, so despite the Gunners recovering from a shaky start to be level on points with Man City at the top of the table, we are not getting ahead of ourselves. But with 13 places and 11 points between Arsenal and Chelsea, we have already seen them off havenĀ“t we?