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No-one likes Mourinho but he is RIGHT about Arsenal!

Mourinho’s latest swipe at Arsenal…. by KM

We all know Jose Mourinho is a drama queen, a media feeder. He creates stories for the press and never fails to create a spark, or take a swipe at Arsenal. He was asked about his relationship with Arsene Wenger and what he thinks of Arsenal and what the Chelsea boss said again had a background dig at Wenger.

He said Wenger has “a dream job” because of the stability he gets. He also said that we have a fantastic squad full of attacking quality and in good numbers. Asked as to why we don’t win enough he said “I don’t know”. He said we should be up there with City and Chelsea.

Has Arsenal boss got it SPOT ON with referees?

There is no doubt that Arsenal got the rub of the green with a couple of key decisions in our away win over Crystal Palace yesterday. Arsene Wenger admitted as much himself and with what happened in another part of London yesterday, namely Stamford Bridge, the issue of referee decisions has been thrust into the spotlight again.

It makes me wonder whether the Arsenal boss has taken a conscious decision not to complain too much about decisions this season. He has certainly done so in the past and has fallen foul of the FA for it as well. And I do not think it gets you anywhere either.

Will Arsenal title hopes be alive after Chelsea v Man City?

Arsenal can still catch Chelsea! by Sam P

Arsene Wenger and his players, along with all the Arsenal fans, should be backing the current Premier League champions Manchester City on Saturday evening, if only for a couple of hours. Because they could do us a big favour by putting another dent in the armour of Jose Mourinho and Chelsea and keeping the Gunners’ own slim Premier League title hopes alive.

A win for City would give us the chance to close the gap on the league leaders to just 10 points by beating Aston Villa at the Emirates stadium on Sunday. That is still a lot I know, but I get the sense that Chelsea are going off the boil while Arsenal are hitting our straps.

Arsenal to replace Szczesny with Petr Cech?

Szczesny smokingThere are very few Arsenal fans that would turn down the chance to sign Petr Cech from Chelsea, especially considering the blunders from Wojciech Szczesny this season, and according to an Express report today this is a possible scenario.

It was reported that Arsene Wenger was extremely angry with the Polish stopper after the Southampton defeat, which wasn’t helped by Wenger catching Szczesny having a cigarette after the game, for which the Mail says he was fined £20,000. Maybe this could be the last straw for Wenger and it could be that he could be interested in one of the safest pair of hands in the Premier League.

Time for Arsenal to get NASTY?

Thoughts on Arsenal for 2015 by DN

Happy New Year Arsenal fans. Despite the fact that 2015 got off to a pretty terrible start, I am trying to stay positive and although the chances of us winning the Premier League title seem to be all done and dusted, we are still in Europe with a decent chance of going further against the French club Monaco.

So will Referees now APOLOGISE to Arsenal?

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have been known to have a bit of a moan about the poor decisions by the match officials that go against us. And there are plenty of examples of that. I understand that smaller clubs feel that the bigger clubs get an unfair advantage from the referees and to be fair, it often looks like they are right.

But I don’t think that Arsenal get the same `generous decisions` that we have seen given to Chelsea, Man United and now Man City in recent years. I may be a touch biased of course. But maybe it is because Wenger may complain and point out the bad decisions but he does not go off on one and claim some sort of evil underhand conspiracy is being waged against the Gunners.

Why Arsenal fans should NOT give up on EPL title yet!!

Yes I know that Arsenal have not exactly looked like title winners so far this season. And even when we have had a bit of luck or put a few results together, the hoped for momentum has been lost soon after. But although it looks like Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea team, currently 11 points ahead of Arsenal, have got one hand on the Premier League trophy, it is not over yet.

Arsenal set to sign Premier League giant?

Now I know that we are going through a boring international beak, but the latest Arsenal transfer rumour seems like a desperate attempt to fill the back pages of the tabloids.

The Express are reporting that the Gunners are going to bring in the brilliant Petr Cech from Chelsea in January, and the only basis I can see for them to suggest this is because Thibault Courtois said that IF he was Cech he would leave Chelsea to play first team football.

Bad news for Arsenal as transfer target wants Chelsea move

It is bad enough for Arsenal and their fans that we were beaten to the signature of Eden Hazard in the summer of 2012 when Chelsea apparently swooped in and offered his French club Lille more money. And now it looks like history may be about to repeat itself.

According to a Daily Star report, the Gunners are set to lose out to Chelsea again, on the talented young player Zakaria Bakkali, whose fantastic performances for his Dutch club PSV Eindhoven as well as the fact that he is a Belgium international, has led to him being dubbed the new Eden Hazard.

The Arsenal defensive problems are Wenger’s doing – Face facts!

Drinking Poison and Wishing Your Enemy Dead by Toronto Arsenal

After Arsenal gave up a three goal lead against Anderlecht, Arsene Wenger looked furious and I did not see him shake his opponents hand before storming away. The look on his face was that of a man in pain and distress but what I cannot understand is what he expected. According to Nelson Mandela you cannot drink poison and expect your enemy to die.

Market Forces – And why Arsenal SHOULD NOT sack Wenger

Should Arsene Wenger be sacked? by TB

I guess it is a sign of the times that ‘football’ is likened to ‘trading’ as a fellow ‘results business’. The Casino Economy meets The Premier League – even at the Arsenal!

It’s all about winners and losers after the Market paradigm, Murdoch’s Sky TV and Global Capital marched into town. Whilst there are clear benefits generated by all this – after all, how else would we have Arsene Wenger and his unique contribution to football with Thierry Henri, Pires, Vieira et al right up to today with stars in waiting Alexis, Ozil, Ramsey and all our talented youngsters – I believe there is also something very unsavoury about it. Something fundamental to the soul of football is lost in this ugly process.

Thanks Wenger, but either change or get out of Arsenal!

No Arsenal fan can be happy with the performances NOR the results by KM

After being slaughtered every time I put Arsenal’s faults down to the manager, he comes out once again to prove my points correct. Happy birthday Arsene, there are your three points. Taking the points was massive, because it means one more win and we will most likely go through.

But bar the points, the only positive I can take is Alexis Sanchez. What a player we bought there! Bar the undeniable quality, his lightning pace and his finishing, we have a fighter. His spirit and commitment to the game are undeniable. He saved our point against Hull and he was our only threat going forward.