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Is Stan Kroenke at Arsenal purely for the profit?

Is Mr Kroenke set to become ‘Mr Arsenal’? by TN

The current split of shareholders at Arsenal Football Club is Mr Kroenke owns 66.6%, Mr Usmanov 29.1% with the remainder being spread amongst much smaller shareholders. Now a number of questions have been raised concerning “silent Stan” and AFC. Is he only in it for the money? If he’s in it for the money, why doesn’t he cash in his shares today and bank a nice profit? Or does he have a much bigger, currently hidden, agenda?

Tony Adams wants to manage Arsenal when Wenger retires – Do we want him?

Tony Adams MBE, or Mister Arsenal as he is known to many Gooners who remember his incredible 22 years at the club, has been criticizing Wenger’s recent record of selling Arsenal’s best players every year, but despite that he is still very keen to return to “his club” as manager one day, and couldn’t even consider any other club in England in the meantime.