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Have Arsenal already got Guardiola to replace Wenger

Arsenal are being seen as an outside chance at best of being the club that the current boss of Bayern Munich Pep Guardiola moves to in the summer when his current contract runs out at the end of this season. It was originally reported in the football press that it was a straight battle between Manchester United and City but that grew to include Chelsea once they sacked Jose Mourinho and now the Gunners are said to be in the mix as well.

Arsenal set to break Tottenham’s unbeaten run – Expect the Unexpected!

This has been one of those crazy years where us Arsenal fans can always expect the unexpected. We started off by winning every single game in pre-season and breaking Arsene Wenger’s awful record against Jose Mourinho in the Community Shield.

Arsenal WILL still go through to the Knockout Stages

Stop worrying, Arsenal will still qualify by Sam P

After last night’s performance gave us our third defeat in the four Champions League games so far, I am still pretty certain that we will win our two remaining games and qualify for our name to go into the hat for the next round.

Discipline is the keyword for Arsenal win tonight

Arsenal may be going to the Allianz Arena this evening to face the full force of German organization and discipline in the shape of Bayern Munich, but our own German superstar Mesut Ozil is sure that we can be just as disciplined and clinical to beat the Germans at their own game.

Swansea, Giroud, Mourinho, Bayern and Arsenal set-pieces

The Arsenal machine keeps on rolling in the league!‏ by KM

Well, well! Having a fine Arsenal weekend are we? Sure we are, because I’d take any sort of a win against Swansea away, let alone a 3:0 one. I mean what a turnaround from the games we played against them last year!