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Wenger – Arsenal were nervous and it was a tight game

Arsene Wenger watched his side finally come good in the second half against Wigan last night, but he thinks the game was much closer than Arsenal’s winning margin suggests. He said after the game: “We had a quick start and a strong start for the first 20 minutes. We were really dominating and after that we became a bit conservative and pushed forward less and allowed Wigan back in the game.

Wenger – Arsenal were nervous and we paid for it

Arsenal were thoroughly put in their place last night by an excellent Bayern Munich side, and itis now glaringly obvious that the Gunners can no longer compete at the top table, but (predictably) Arsene Wenger gave his side credit for their “battling” qualities, albeit after they were 2-0 down…..

He said after the game: “We played against a good team who took advantage of every opportunity they created in the first half. We had quite a good start for five minutes. You could see we were a a bit nervous, but Bayern was fully confident and we paid for it. At 2-0 down of course it became very difficult, but we put in a good battle in the second half and came back to 2-1.

Wenger – Arsenal should only play second halves this season!

Arsene Wenger is preparing his Arsenal side to face Stoke City this weekend and is hoping that the Gunners can start playing just as well in the first half of the game as they usually do in the second half! In too many matches this term Arsenal have given away soft goals early on in the games and have had to fight back valiantly to get a result.

Wenger believes that this is due to a psychological problem with the team at the beginning of games. He said: “Somebody told me that we are second in the league on our second half of games, but 13th in the first half,”

Wenger – Arsenal’s defenders were nervous but it is great entertainment!

Once again Arsenal made it hard for themselves by conceding early goals in last night’s draw with Liverpool, and Arsene Wenger admitted that his defence was nervous because of the previous misdemeanours in recent games, but he praised the players for the excellent comeback.

He said after the game: “I believe that first of all, it was a great football game where both teams really went for it and you could see that it was top level entertainment overall. We could have lost the game or won the game by three or four goals difference. That shows that we have created many chances going forward, but we were nervous defensively. The two goals we have conceded today have shown that we were nervous from the start at the back, but overall we have shown great quality and tremendous spirit.

Wenger – I knew that Partizan would weaken at the end

Arsene Wenger admitted that he was a little worried when the score against Partizan was still level peggings with just 20 minutes to go, but he knew from the previous Partizan games this season that they would flag towards the end of the game.

He said: “I was never really nervous. Worried yes, because you cannot say you don’t worry when it is 1-1. But I felt we had the resources to score and in the last 20 minutes they would drop physically. I was always confident that we would qualify but you never know.