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Usual November, but a great start to December for Arsenal!

We’re back! by Sam P

November has been Arsenal’s worst month every season in the Premier League era, but we have got past it and are still second in the table. We can’t knock that can we?

Arsenal boss right to be positive after ‘difficult game’?

There is not great deal of positive thinking among the Arsenal fans at the moment. After a brilliant October saw the Gunners become the first team in ages to beat the brilliant Bayern Munich of Pep Guardiola and climb to the top of the Premier League table, November was almost the complete opposite.

SEVEN questions Wenger needs to answer or explain to Arsenal fans

There is a lot of negativity from Arsenal fans – And I expected it!by Sean O’H

Wenger interview – Arsenal were tired and Alexis was okay – seriously?

AUDIOPOST – This is an interview with a very depressed Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s unimpressive visit to Carrow Road. It seems that Tuesday’s win against Zagreb has tired the lads out and the lack of alternatives has left Wenger no choice but to overplay the first team.

Time for Arsenal to put the pressure on!

I know I am probably being a bit too optimistic, but I can’t help but get the feeling that Arsenal now have all the ingredients (and the fixtures) to go on a winning run to make a serious assault at the top of the Premiership.