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Owen annoys Arsenal fans – As if we need it!

The former Liverpool striker Michael Owen believes people give too much credit to Arsenal, whose Champions League dreams were left in tatters after defeat to AS Monaco.

Goals from Geoffrey Kondogbia, Dimitar Berbatov and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco resulted in an astonishing 3-1 home defeat for the Gunners, who scored through Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Arsene Wenger’s team is now staring at another exit from the Champions League Round of 16, as they must score three without reply in the second-leg.

Owen wrote on Sportlobster.com: “Arsenal played poor on the night, but the only people surprised are those who continue to believe they are better than they are.

Football media just love bashing Arsenal – Don’t join them!

Arsenal fans should SUPPORT Arsenal by Sam P

I don’t know what Arsenal have done to deserve it, but we are always the favourite target ofr the media to shoot at. Paranoia? No, because you are not paranoid if people really do NOT like you and are always slagging you off. I am not saying that we are the only targets, because things like the Man United fiasco last season will always give them bullets to fire, but I reckon we get more abuse than any other big club.

WOW – Football pundit actually BACKS Arsenal…

This season we have had to get used to being told, over and over again, that Arsenal were not good enough to win the Premier League. There have been all sorts of reasons given by all sorts of football pundits and journalists but, until the Gunners failed to turn up to Anfield on Saturday, all of them had been proved wrong and the Gunners had maintained their place on the top of the table.

Can Arsenal please make Michael Owen STFU?

Arsenal have been getting a lot less credit than they deserve since the start of the season and it has been the case from all sections of the media, but Michael Owen seems to have been on a one man campaign to disrespect everything Arsenal and wind up the fans as much as possible.

From his stupid and misguided pre-season prediction that the Gunners would fail to finish in the top four this season, Owen has had nothing but negative things to say about us. The fact that Arsenal have continued to lead the title race does not seem to have got through to the pint-sized pundit.

Is Owen or Henry right about Arsenal’s Ozil?

There was no doubt that the £42 million signing of Mesut Ozil by Arsenal was the big story of the transfer window for various reasons. The Gunners smashing their transfer record as well as the decision of Madrid to let such a player go. Some critics, however, thought that Ozil was not the player Arsenal needed and that Wenger had messed up by not signing a striker.

And two of the best strikers in Premier League history have been talking about the German midfielder and they have wildly different opinions, although some or all of that could be attributed to their different biases towards certain clubs.

Why Arsenal fans should be THANKING Michael Owen!!

Owen’s claim to knock Arsenal down! by Ash

Just when all the news surrounding Arsenal seems to be either positive or optimistic, there is always part of the media that always has to go and try to ruin it for the club. As Arsenal fans, we haven’t had our moment in the spotlight for all the right reasons for quite a while, however as soon as that time comes around again, there are some people who are determined to fight against it and this time around the character is former England international striker Michael Owen.

Suarez must ignore Liverpool and realise a transfer to Arsenal would be great for him

Why Luis Suarez Should Join Arsenal by SQ

Luis Suarez: a player dogged in the hustle and bustle of a wide-scale transfer saga. A potential transaction of this sort often brings with it a flaring of tempers; the staunch attacks often propagating from the club unwilling to sell their prized asset. The belittling of the potential buyer is something Arsenal is now on the receiving end of. Brendan Rodgers recently questioned the benefits a prospective move to Arsenal would bring for the Liverpool front-man. This stance has been substantiated by former Liverpool and England International Michael Owen. It is clear that Michael’s ties to his former club have sparked bias-ridden comments with the intention of dissuading Liverpool’s prized asset from moving to a rival. Contrary to the aforementioned views, a move to Arsenal would actually be a giant leap forward for the Liverpool star.

Video: Pulis expects FA charge after Michael Owen’s attack on Arsenal midfielder

Michael Owen may have been lucky to escape a yellow or even a red card on Saturday after his angry punch thrown at Mikel Arteta towards the end of the bad-tempered game between Arsenal and Stoke, but he may regret that the referee didn’t deal with it immediately as he is now open to an investigation by the FA.

Owen’s manager Tony Pulis admitted that Owen shouldn’t have reacted so strongly, but he is waiting expectantly for the FA to make an announcement. He said: “Arteta’s challenge was a poor challenge but Michael shouldn’t do that.”

Stoke boss has the cheek to accuse Arsenal of cheating!

A lot of teams come to Arsenal planning to be solid and hard to beat, but few have parked the bus quite as blatantly as Stoke City did yesterday. Arsenal finally broke the resistance with a deflected free kick from Lukas Podolski, but the linesman tried to incorrectly rule the goal out for offside. The referee overruled his assistant, and it was the correct decision, but Tony Pulis is unhappy (there’s a surprise) because he thinks the Arsenal players influenced Chris Foy’s decision.

“The disappointing thing for me is the number of Arsenal players that surrounded the linesman. I thought that was something you couldn’t do.

A good Arsenal win and great debut for Monreal

Arsenal 1 – 0 Stoke, a fairly comfortable game for the Gunners by KJ

A brilliant attacking display saw the Gunners win against an extremely difficult opposition in Stoke. Nacho Monreal also impressed on his debut against arguably the most physical game he’s ever played.

We started off the game very strongly and were unlucky to not go in front. However, as in every game, our strong spell eventually tailed off and we were forced to pass between our midfield and failed to really break down Stoke for the remainder of the first half.

Arsenal vs. Stoke review late Podolski wins it and Wilshere nearly chins Owen

Arsenal have more midfielders than they know what to do with, but Mikel Arteta is crucial to Arsene Wenger’s plans so he came straight back into the side today. Wenger decided to play Wilshere as the central attacking midfielder, so Cazorla started on the bench and Diaby started alongside Arteta in the middle. Oxlade-Chamberlain also started on the left instead of Podolski, which was a bit of a surprise. Monreal was thrown straight into the fray.

Owen: Arsenal are ready to win – They just need passion!

Why This Season Was Not A Total Failure For Arsenal by Owen Atkinson

A lot of Arsenal fans may think that this year was a total failure for the Gunners, but I totally disagree!

Arsenal’s team spirit and winning mentality has grown which can only lead them to regaining the top spot in the league. When I say winning mentality, I mean the ability to beat the top teams, which is key to improving. All that is missing is a bit more passion! However, this will come with maturity.