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Owen annoys Arsenal fans – As if we need it!

The former Liverpool striker Michael Owen believes people give too much credit to Arsenal, whose Champions League dreams were left in tatters after defeat to AS Monaco.

Goals from Geoffrey Kondogbia, Dimitar Berbatov and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco resulted in an astonishing 3-1 home defeat for the Gunners, who scored through Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Football media just love bashing Arsenal – Don’t join them!

Arsenal fans should SUPPORT Arsenal by Sam P

I don’t know what Arsenal have done to deserve it, but we are always the favourite target ofr the media to shoot at. Paranoia? No, because you are not paranoid if people really do NOT like you and are always slagging you off. I am not saying that we are the only targets, because things like the Man United fiasco last season will always give them bullets to fire, but I reckon we get more abuse than any other big club.

WOW – Football pundit actually BACKS Arsenal…

This season we have had to get used to being told, over and over again, that Arsenal were not good enough to win the Premier League. There have been all sorts of reasons given by all sorts of football pundits and journalists but, until the Gunners failed to turn up to Anfield on Saturday, all of them had been proved wrong and the Gunners had maintained their place on the top of the table.

Can Arsenal please make Michael Owen STFU?

Arsenal have been getting a lot less credit than they deserve since the start of the season and it has been the case from all sections of the media, but Michael Owen seems to have been on a one man campaign to disrespect everything Arsenal and wind up the fans as much as possible.

Is Owen or Henry right about Arsenal’s Ozil?

There was no doubt that the £42 million signing of Mesut Ozil by Arsenal was the big story of the transfer window for various reasons. The Gunners smashing their transfer record as well as the decision of Madrid to let such a player go. Some critics, however, thought that Ozil was not the player Arsenal needed and that Wenger had messed up by not signing a striker.