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Have Arsenal REALLY got an injury problem?

We are all well aware that the last few years have seen Arsenal struggling to cope with a lot more players and playing days missing due to various injury problems than any of our rivals. I remember seeing a chart last season showing the injury situation for Premier League clubs over the previous 10 years and I think only Newcastle United´s was worse than Arsenal’s.

FULL Arsenal injury update is GOOD news for Gunners

Arsenal fans were starting to worry whether the same old problems were coming back to haunt us, but it looks like the trick or treaters doing the rounds for Halloween tomorrow will be the only horrors we need to worry about. As long as the Gunners can get to the international break without too much damage that is.

Wenger slammed for causing Arsenal injury crisis

The first question for Arsenal fans to consider, I suppose, is whether Arsene Wenger has been to blame for all the injury problems that have beset the Gunners in recent years. Many people believe that the number and nature of the injuries means that it simply had to be more than bad luck and as Wenger is the man responsible for almost everything that happens at the club, then he surely has to take at least some of the blame.

SWFC v Arsenal review – Bad luck, Good goals, Arsenal out

That was not what Arsenal wanted, never mind the fact that the Capital One Cup is a poor fourth on our list of priority targets, especially this season when it looks like we have a great chance of the Premier League trophy.

Official Arsenal team has Giroud starting v Everton

We do not know if there is a problem with the Arsenal centre back Per Mertesacker as yet, but the German has not made it into the starting line up or even the subs bench for the visit of Everton today. And that is not the only change to the Gunners.