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Man City v ARSENAL – Taki’s Player Ratings

Arsenal played City to a hard fought draw in Sunday’s clash. by TS

Here are my ratings for each player. As usual, feel free to argue.

Vito Mannone: Produced a good save from Aguero early on and later from Kompany, but then again, he was left floundering when City scored. Not the best game for the Italian. 6/10

Harry Redknapp Concerned About Player Abuse Ahead Of Sundays Game

Arsenal may have a Champions League game to play tonight, but already the tension is building ahead of the Derby against Spurs on Sunday afternoon. Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has added to the rising tension with his comments today that he is expecting his new striker Emmanuel Adebayor to cop plenty of abuse at the weekend, something that he is not happy about.

Would Wenger make a good poker player?

I was watching very closely the BBC interview with Arsene Wenger after last nights defeat to Ipswich, and considering the enormity of the defeat he certainly managed to keep a straight face for most of the two minutes. There were a couple of little twitches when i thought he was going to cry but he managed to immediately relax his muscles to continue with another valid answer. I would have been fuming!
A few years ago Professor Mark Griffiths, who specialises in the psychology of gambling, was asked which famous people he thought would be the best poker players, and he named Wenger as being one of the most likely (along with Gordon Brown, Ben Elton and Katie Price) to be successful. But it seems to me that he is not quite so good a keeping his cool in the last couple of seasons.