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A full analysis of which players are REALLY Arsenal class

Wenger Will Walk Before He Is Pushed by Dan Smith

There are some who believe Arsene Wenger’s position will become untenable if Arsenal lose to Bayern Munich on Tuesday night. While a defeat would certainly affect confidence which could have an impact on our hopes of a top four finish, it’s hard to believe that the board would base Wenger’s future on winning the Champions League, a competition which rightly (and you won’t hear me say that too often about the AFC’S board) should be viewed as a bonus and an adventure, not something we can realistically expect to win.

What Arsenal need to end eight years of failure…….

Arsenal in Decline by MG

There is no doubt, unless you are the ultimate optimist, that Arsenal FC is in a downward spiral.

This decline started with the sale of Thierry Henry, for a pittance, and the failure of the manager and Board to replace him with another first class striker.

Since that time the club has sold their best six players and replaced them with two first class players, Santi Cazorla, Thomas Vermalen and one good forward in Lucas Podolski.

Wenger – Arsenal have money and can buy exceptional players

As the transfer window approaches Arsenal fans are as usual being enticed with announcements saying that the Gunners can easily afford top, top players, but they will only come if they can improve the team.

Wenger was also careful to say that the Board are backing him, but recognising that there were financial constraints in the past. The Frenchman said today: Wenger said: “I believe I have always had the support from the board, and am very grateful for that. We have worked over the years in respecting in what we did, which is to always work within our financial resources.

It’s Not Just about the Trophies Arsenal

For me, it’s not about the trophies by BN

There has been a lot of talk and criticism about the BSM march on Saturday, with some Arsenal fans saying that we are fickle supporters and don’t remember the bad days, and to be careful what we wish for as Arsene Wenger has been more successful than anyone else, blah bah blah.

But I think that people are maybe getting supporters’ feelings all wrong. Yes, we all know what Arsene has achieved, but from such a strong position, and possibly the best ever Premier league side, between 2001 and 2005, players have been sold and poorer players have replaced them each time, and so on and on to the quality of players we have now.

Arsenal need some confidence and passion! (And more players!)

What are the key areas that need improving with Arsenal? by GN

Many of you people have recently being going crazy with the current situation of which Arsenal find themselves in; it is depressing us all! But what are the issues with this Arsenal squad that started the season in a good run of form? That was solid defensively?


“Wenger had funds to spend but no deadline day targets”

Arsene Wenger managed to keep Arsenal fans on tenterhooks right up until the last minute of the transfer window, but ultimately he didn’t really have any intention at all of bringing in any new players, despite the ongoing rumours.

The massive TV Station ESPN have been talking to one of their sources at the Emirates about yesterdays lack of business, and he made it clear that Wenger had a stress-free day. The source said: “Regarding the squad, there were no close, late attempts and we were never in for Essien.

Arsene Wenger – The transfer window starts now!

Arsene Wenger has already signed three top class players in Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud, but he says that the real action from the transfer window will begin in earnest this week as clubs realise that time is running out.

Arsenal still have many players that are surplus to requirements so these have to be sold while trying to get in our own targets like Yann M’Vila and Fernando Llorente (I wish!), but with just seven days to do it things really have to start happening very soon.

Wenger was asked whether there would be any nmore arrivals this summer and he replied: “Some things can still happen,”

Podolski proud to be a Gunner and names his favourite Arsenal players

The new Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski seems to be really excited about coming to the Emirates next season and can’t stop telling the media how much he is looking forward to it. He also revealed that he has been watching a lot of Arsenal games on TV this season and he names the players that have most sxcited him this year.

“Arsenal are a very disciplined team. They play great football with excellent passing and they are really good to watch on television,” he said on Arsenal.com. “I’m excited to be part of this team now, playing that way and making the supporters happy.

Wenger blames the Arsenal players for a change (plus highlights)

Arsenal fans are so used to seeing Arsene Wenger rage against the referee, the playing area, the fixture list or the fourth official that it is refreshing to hear him actually blame the Arsenal players for a change.

The pitch WAS a bit dodgy and everyone was sliding all over the place (especially Vermaelen!) but Wenger said: “The pitch is not smaller than any other pitch. The pitch was bad but it does not explain our performance. We did not create enough to win a football game.”

Who do Arsenal need to bring in to fix this team?

Who do we need? by KJ

Today was a shock to the system when you’ve been living in cloud 9 for the last 7 weeks. The lack of depth on the bench was evident once again when we went behind. It got me wondering, who do we actually need in the summer?

Arsenal have the right formation – just the wrong players!

What is with the obsession of the 4-4-2 formation? by KJ

The 4-4-2 formation is one of the most traditional in the game of football. It has seen its fair share of success in the Premier league and a variation was utilised by the earlier Arsenal sides under Wenger, most notably by the Invincibles. It was great for counter-attacking simply because of the possibility of 2 strikers spearheading a counter-attack. It was also great in the fact that you didn’t need ‘creative’ players in the middle but rather solid ball-winning players that can spread the ball to the wings. However times have changed.

Wenger – My players have done well and I will keep faith in them

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger knows that his team are under fire from all and sundry after being knocked out of the FA Cup and (virtually) the Champions League, but he thinks the players “haven’t done too badly” and he must keep faith with them as they now have to carry on the fight to finish fourth in the Premiership.

Wenger said: “When you are in our situation at the moment, it is important you show faith in your players and stick with them,” he said.