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Arsenal boss ridicules ‘three’ man protest at training ground

Arsene Wenger has laughed of Tuesday’s attempt at a protest held at Arsenal’s training facility in London Colney.

The Gunners boss was welcomed at training by three protesters at the gate of the park, who had placed Wenger out signs among others, but the Frenchman has laughed off the dismal display.

Why Wenger support can help Arsenal to glory again

I might not have held up a banner myself but I can understand what drove some Arsenal fans to arrange a protest at the home game against Norwich City yesterday. For one thing, the protest was not just about Arsene Wenger but at the whole issue of leadership and ambition and it does seem that things have gone stale and need a shake-up.

Proof that Wenger really is BLIND to Arsenal’s problems?

Okay so things should get very interesting at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow, where Arsenal play host to a Norwich City side fighting for their Premier League survival. There was already going to be protests from the Arsenal fans about how the club and the groundhog day of a season and the need for either Arsene Wenger to change his ways or be replaced.

Should Arsenal fans join Leicester protest?

Leicester City are staging a protest this Sunday, by refusing to take to the pitch for the opening five minutes of the weekend’s match at the Emirates, and Arsenal fans have been asked to do the same.

Should Arsenal fans join Bayern ticket price protest?

Arsenal fans and Supporters Groups are always complaining about paying the highest prices in Europe to go and watch our team, but it very rare to actually see many organised protests against the club’s policies. Now it seems that the Bayern Munich supporters, who have had to pay £64, which will rise to €100 Euros (£74) with fees and postage, and that is for the cheapest ticket.

Do you want change at Arsenal? Then PROTEST!

How to cure Arsenal´s doomed situation? by VL

Hi Gunners out there, i am pretty sure that you guys are, like me, feeling frustrated and desperate at the moment. The obvious reason? Arsenal’s ridiculously mediocre form since the start of the new campaign.