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Good news Arsenal as UEFA get tougher with FFP

Towards the end of last season, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger finally seemed to be vindicated over his financially stable way of running the Gunners. We heard that a number of clubs around Europe were set to face sanctions after breaking the Financial Fair Play rules, chief among them being Man City and PSG.

Great, we thought, now maybe these crazy transfer prices can calm down a bit and perhaps Arsenal could actually sign some of the players we wanted to without some other big time charlie coming along and outbidding us. But this feeling of optimism did not last long, as the Abu-Dhabi based owners of City, and the Qatari group in charge of PSG just carried on as if nothing had happened.

Could Arsenal capitalise on Cavani’s Man United snub?

It has been fun for Arsenal fans to watch the collapse of Man United since the scourge of Premier League referees that is Alex Ferguson stepped down from the manager’s job. But the club’s bosses are determined to stop the rot and are apparently going to give the new boss Louis van Gaal a king’s ransom to make sure that happens, but they are finding that money is not everything.

The player that van Gaal wanted to spearhead their resurgence was, according to reports, the Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani. And it was thought that the 27-year old was not very happy with his lack of opportunities and being played out of position at the French champions PSG would make him available to a decent United bid, but apparently not.

Have Arsenal turned to Benfica star after Benzema snub?

I must admit to being slightly underwhelmed by the latest Arsenal transfer rumour, as it has the Gunners moving from the established world class striker that is Karim Benzema, on to the relatively unproven but promising young forward called Rodrigo.

According to the Daily Star, Arsene Wenger is ready to offer around £24 million for the 23-year old striker who netted 18 times for his Portuguese side Benfica last season. That fee is not much more than it was supposed to cost to bring in Benzema from Real Madrid, but another report from the same paper claims that the French striker has rejected a move to the Premier League in favour of a return to France with the champions PSG.

FFP has given Arsenal a second chance! Will they take it?

Many people, including me, thought that this season offered Arsenal a unique opportunity. With Man City, Chelsea and United all going through changes of varying degrees of magnitude, and the Gunners finally coming out of the tunnel that paying off the Emirates stadium had plunged us into, Arsenal had a golden chance to capitalise.

As we know, that did not happen, although I still think it would have with a bit less bad luck on the injury front. And as it turned out, the team with the most money squeaked over the line. Arsene Wenger alluded to their squad depth being the key factor and normally you would think that the Gunners would rue a missed chance.

Arsenal get HUGE £36m cash boost from BPL

Hello Arsenal fans. We hear a lot about the Premier League being the best league in the world, and I believe that the competitive nature of it, the energy and passion make this true, but with two teams from La Liga contesting this season’s Champions League final and two from the German Bundesliga last year, it looks like there may be a flaw in that theory.

Arsenal to dodge Champions League play-offs as Man City fight FFP?

Arsene Wenger has made no secret of his backing for the new FFP rules and he may soon be even happier about them if Arsenal qualify for next season’s Champions League automatically, without having to undergo the inconvenience, stress and extra strain on the squad that a two- legged play-off in August would bring.

We do not know what the outcome will be yet, but we can hope. After Man City refused to accept the terms of their sanctions from UEFA for breaking the financial rules, as reported by The Mirror, their case is going to a special panel to decide what should happen. This panel has the power to expel them from the competition altogether and is not open to appeal.

Relief for Arsenal as Koscielny agrees new long term contract

You can stop worrying Arsenal fans! Laurent `the boss` Koscielny is not going anywhere this summer, apart from Brazil to play in the World Cup and perhaps a holiday of course. But he will still be playing for the Gunners next season and for many years after that, according to a Metro report.

The paper claims that it has news from France that the 28-year old centre back has agreed terms on a new five year deal that will keep him at the Emirates until 2019, although it has not been officially confirmed. There have been rumours this week about strong interest in our defender from two massively rich clubs, Real Madrid and PSG, so if he has put pen to paper, that is great news and a massive relief for Arsene Wenger.

Will Arsenal be content with Man City FFP punishment?

We all know that Arsenal have been one of the biggest supporters of the new Financial Fair Play rules brought in by Eoropean football’s governing body. And there is no doubt that Arsene Wenger and his way of doing business is pretty much the role model for clubs wanting to abide by the rules, which is why the Frenchman has often spoken about the need to enforce the rules properly or risk clubs simply ignoring the new rules.

Arsenal boss urges UEFA not to bottle FFP sanctions

Whereas may people have criticised Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for not spending money in recent years, others point to the Frenchman as being the ideal model for a modern club. The Gunners are run in a financially sustainable way, something that the powers that be in football supposedly want all clubs to do, in order to avoid the sort of calamities that have occurred at the likes of Portsmouth and Malaga.

Has Wenger already told PSG he’s staying at Arsenal?

There has been a lot of talk this season about Arsene Wenger and whether the Frenchman will sign another contract with Arsenal when the current one runs out at the end of the season. Most people seem to think his future will depend on whether or not the Gunners finish in fourth spot and win the FA cup final, but maybe not.

Apparently, the club want him to sign da ting whatever happens in the next few weeks, and it is the Prof himself who is waiting to see what happens before committing his future to the club he has managed fro 17 years. There are now signs, however, that he may have already made that decision but has not announced it yet, not publicly anyway.

Europe’s Big Guns aiming to nab Arsenal’s Koscielny?

It seems that Arsenal are going to face a fight to keep Laurent Koscielny at the club this summer, with the Telegraph reporting this morning that the likes of PSG, Monaco and the mighty Bayern Munich are set to try and persuade him to move onwards and upwards at the end of the season.

They report that Koscielny is the lowest paid centre-back at the Emirates earning a paltry £50,000 a week, and unless the Gunners can give him a massive wage rise then Europe’s elite clubs will be more than willing to pay him what he is obviously worth in today’s climate.

Why are Arsenal chasing yet another goal-shy midfielder

Ask any Arsenal fan and he will be able to give you a long and detailed list of positions that need strengthening in the Gunners team. They will also have a lot of ideas if which players they would like to see coming to the Emirates this summer.

But I seriously doubt whether those lists will contain the position of a midfielder who is technically good but not particularly strong of fast and who has not scored a goal in over 50 games. So you are unlikely to see the name of Marco Verratti on any of those lists either, although the Metro have reported that the young Italian is being targeted by the Gunners for a £17 million summer transfer from his current club Paris Saint-Germain.