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Arsenal to beat Spurs to key DM transfer target?

If Arsene Wenger does what most people in the football world think he needs to do and signs some players in the January transfer window to boost the Arsenal squad that is under serious pressure from the growing injury list, then surely a defensive midfielder will be at the top of his transfer wish list.

Double PSG deal will save ArsenalĀ“s transfer window

Is there some charity match on in Paris today that the Arsenal manager has offered to referee? If not then Arsene Wenger being pictured on a flight to Paris yesterday is certainly an interesting development as the summer transfer window draws to a close today.

Arsenal plot surprise transfer swoop for Cavani

Well this would be a typical Wenger move wouldn’t it? With all and sundry expecting the Arsenal boss to make his move for the Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema, or at least hope he becomes available in the last few days of the summer transfer window, Wenger could have had them all barking up the wrong tree all the time.

Why Arsenal will NOT be surprise destination of super striker

Arsenal will not be the only club whose fans will be hoping that they are the club referred to by the brilliant, prolific and always entertaining striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But you may as well save your excitement, Gooners, because it is not going to happen and I will explain why.

Chelsea should worry about a VERY positive Arsenal side

Arsenal finished last season in style and we have taken up where we left off, with four wins out of four in the pre-season games, despite the squad rotation and youth player additions. We have lots of promising youngsters and just about all the senior midfielders and strikers nicked a goal or two in our run.