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Wenger – Top Quality Arsenal are ready to fight for the title

Arsenal are still fighting to stay in the race for the Premiership title after being eliminated from both the FA Cup and the Champions League in one cruel week, but Arsene Wenger firmly believes that this top quality Arsenal team is now fully primed and ready to aim for the top spot by the end of the season.

FOUR reasons why Ozil is worth every penny to Arsenal

Ozil IS worth that much and more! by Iceman

Greetings fellow Gooners, first of all I would like to point out that this is my first article, but I am more than happy I waited till this very moment before I decided to express my literature skills on a very passionate and important moment for all Arsenal fans worldwide.

Arsenal Debate: Will Wenger really change his philosophy this summer?

History is the best predictor of the future… by Redneck

So then, what will be in store for the Gunner faithful this summer? Arsene has this massive 70 million warchest. There is absolutely no way that with that much money to spend, the pressure that has been building on the club, the high ticket prices, etc., we aren’t going to make a dramatic shift in philosophy and bring in some “top, top, top” players over the long break, right? I am inclined to say “no.”

The players Arsenal need to win the title next season….

What do Arsenal need this Summer to be title contenders by CJ

Arsenal are 18 points behind Man Utd and 5 points behind Man City, however both teams have a game in hand on us so the question is realistically how far, in footballing terms, we are behind Man Utd and Man City.

Wenger: Arsenal still have “hope” for the second leg….

It would be a very brave man that would bet on Arsenal to make it through to the next round of the Champions League after last night’s home defeat by Bayern Munich, and it seems that Arsene Wenger has surprisingly agreed with them, although he thinks there is a “hope” we can go through.

Wenger – Arsenal were nervous and we paid for it

Arsenal were thoroughly put in their place last night by an excellent Bayern Munich side, and itis now glaringly obvious that the Gunners can no longer compete at the top table, but (predictably) Arsene Wenger gave his side credit for their “battling” qualities, albeit after they were 2-0 down…..