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Why Arsenal do not need to fear Chelsea – Mourinho!

Arsenal fans will soon see back of Mourinho! by Sam P

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have already been able to celebrate this year with our first victory over a Chelsea team, or any for that matter, that was managed by our managerĀ“s arch rival Jose Mourinho. Now while that win that gave us the Community Shield trophy was sweet, it does not really help Arsenal to get the trophy we really want, the Premier League crown.

Benzema coming! He’s never been wrong! Groaaannn…

Right this is definitely the last post I ever write about Karim Benzema coming to Arsenal until it is announced on Sky or the BBC. We know that Arsene Wenger is anally secretive when it comes to talking about his transfer targets in public, and we expect him to throw journalists off the scent until the deal is done and dusted, and even then it is not reported on the official Arsenal website for at least another week.

Oh Dear! Benzema transfer at risk from Arsenal penny-pinching

If this is true and it ends up with Arsenal missing out on the transfer of the France international Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, then it will be absolutely unforgivable penny pinching on the part of Arsenal Football Club or the manager.

Arsenal to bid BIG then turn from Benzema to Higuain?

Despite the ongoing protestations from Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal transfer rumours linking the club with Karim Benzema just will not go away and there is a strong feeling in the football media that our manager is not being entirely honest about his hopes of signing the France international star.

The REAL reason Arsenal are denying Benzema transfer chase?

There is some very good news for Gooners if the latest Arsenal transfer rumour turns out to be true, and boy do we need it after the horror film that was our first home game of the Premier League season. The good news is Karim Benzema and that his transfer to Arsenal is very much on and could be completed a lot sooner than any of us thought.