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Arsenal get Champions League backing from VERY odd source

It comes with the territory I suppose and is probably the case with most local rivals, but the manager´s of Arsenal and Tottenham have often had little spats and obviously a great deal of rivalry. In recent years, of course, that has meant Arsene Wenger against a long line of coaches that have tried, with some coming very close but all failing, to finish above the Gunners in the Premier League.

Arsenal’s Jack mashes former Spud and says he IS coming back to form!!

It seems that all the sniping and criticism that has been aimed at the Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere in recent times has not just been like water off a duck’s back. Wilshere has tried to keep it to himself and let the frustration show, but the recent comments from Jamie Redknapp seem to have been the last straw.

Red card reaction shows media ARE anti-Arsenal

Everyone is entitle to their opinion, of course and on close calls you normally have at least two of the three pundits disagreeing. Except when it comes to Arsenal it seems. We all know about how biased Michael Owen is, especially towards Liverpool and against Arsenal, but it seems the contagion is spreading to Sky Sports.

Fancy a laugh Arsenal fans? Listen to ‘arry…

After Arsenal spectacularly came apart against Liverpool on Saturday, a lot of fans feel that our title challenge is looking pretty dicey. Even though the Gunners are still just one point behind league leaders Chelsea, the game at Anfield has really knocked our confidence.

Is it time for Cazorla to get his chance in the middle for Arsenal?

Is Santi Arsenal’s main man in midfield? by Ash

With Arsenal having so many talented midfield players it’s difficult to see them as individual talents rather than a collective item. They all hold the same qualities that make them almost the perfect midfielder and together it makes the team almost unstoppable in the middle of the park.

SHOCK NEWS- Redknapp doesn’t want Suarez to join Arsenal

In the interest of having a completely fair and unbiased opinion on the ongoing saga of Luis Suarez and his transfer to Arsenal, Sky Sports thought it would be a good idea to ask the former Liverpool and Tottenham player Jamie Redknapp what he thought of the matter.

If Redknapp is right about Arsenal is it good or bad?

Was last season Wenger’s worst Arsenal team?

If there’s one thing all football followers can be sure of, it’s that the ex spuds, Hammers, Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth manager and all-round wide boy Harry Redknapp will seldom pass up an opportunity to big himself up. If he can work in a reference to the precarious league position the spuds found themselves in before he rode in as their salvation, ‘arry can be guaranteed to grasp the opportunity.

QPR warn Arsenal that Cesar will not be cheap!!

Arsenal will be trying their best to give Julio Cesar a thoroughly miserable time today. The 33-year old Brazilian keeper has been one of the rare plus points for the relegated team this season, often keeping them in matches with great reflex saves and his command of his penalty area.