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Arsenal get Champions League backing from VERY odd source

It comes with the territory I suppose and is probably the case with most local rivals, but the manager´s of Arsenal and Tottenham have often had little spats and obviously a great deal of rivalry. In recent years, of course, that has meant Arsene Wenger against a long line of coaches that have tried, with some coming very close but all failing, to finish above the Gunners in the Premier League.

Arsenal’s Jack mashes former Spud and says he IS coming back to form!!

It seems that all the sniping and criticism that has been aimed at the Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere in recent times has not just been like water off a duck’s back. Wilshere has tried to keep it to himself and let the frustration show, but the recent comments from Jamie Redknapp seem to have been the last straw.

As revealed in a Daily Star report, the 22-year old feels that the recent comments by the former captain of Tottenham and current TV pundit were a cheap shot and, considering all the injury problems that Redknapp had in his career, a bit hypocritical and lacking in any real insight or professional respect.

Red card reaction shows media ARE anti-Arsenal

Everyone is entitle to their opinion, of course and on close calls you normally have at least two of the three pundits disagreeing. Except when it comes to Arsenal it seems. We all know about how biased Michael Owen is, especially towards Liverpool and against Arsenal, but it seems the contagion is spreading to Sky Sports.

Arsene Wenger has been portrayed as a whinger because he suggested that Robben made a lot of the contact (which he did) and for suggesting that the Szczesny red card was harsh. If you had gone by the three Sky pundits, Jamie Redknapp, Michael Ballack and Jamie Carragher you would think the Arsenal boss had lost his marbles, because all three said it was a nailed on penalty.

Fancy a laugh Arsenal fans? Listen to ‘arry…

After Arsenal spectacularly came apart against Liverpool on Saturday, a lot of fans feel that our title challenge is looking pretty dicey. Even though the Gunners are still just one point behind league leaders Chelsea, the game at Anfield has really knocked our confidence.

And with tough games coming up in order to stay in the FA cup and the Champions League, there is every chance that Arsenal fans may have to go yet another year without any trophy to celebrate, which would be a bitter pill to swallow.

Is it time for Cazorla to get his chance in the middle for Arsenal?

Is Santi Arsenal’s main man in midfield? by Ash

With Arsenal having so many talented midfield players it’s difficult to see them as individual talents rather than a collective item. They all hold the same qualities that make them almost the perfect midfielder and together it makes the team almost unstoppable in the middle of the park.

Arsenal are rarely outplayed in midfield, often dominating both the ball and possession. It makes the Gunners difficult to break down, something we have struggled with in the past, whilst our fancy footwork on the ball makes tackling from the opposition a very tricky task. The club is privileged to have such creative players such as Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere and Rosicky, whilst Ramsey, Arteta and Flamini control the more defensive side of the park.

SHOCK NEWS- Redknapp doesn’t want Suarez to join Arsenal

In the interest of having a completely fair and unbiased opinion on the ongoing saga of Luis Suarez and his transfer to Arsenal, Sky Sports thought it would be a good idea to ask the former Liverpool and Tottenham player Jamie Redknapp what he thought of the matter.

You will be shocked, absolutely stunned to learn that he is not really on Arsenal’s side! I know, I found it hard to believe as well.

Redknapp said, “My one question is why would Liverpool sell Suarez to Arsenal unless he forces the move through.

If Redknapp is right about Arsenal is it good or bad?

Was last season Wenger’s worst Arsenal team?

If there’s one thing all football followers can be sure of, it’s that the ex spuds, Hammers, Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth manager and all-round wide boy Harry Redknapp will seldom pass up an opportunity to big himself up. If he can work in a reference to the precarious league position the spuds found themselves in before he rode in as their salvation, ‘arry can be guaranteed to grasp the opportunity.

QPR warn Arsenal that Cesar will not be cheap!!

Arsenal will be trying their best to give Julio Cesar a thoroughly miserable time today. The 33-year old Brazilian keeper has been one of the rare plus points for the relegated team this season, often keeping them in matches with great reflex saves and his command of his penalty area.

Harry Redknapp is well aware that Premier League teams will be looking at some of his better players and knows that some of them will not be keen on trying to fight their way out of the championship. Although 33 is not particulary old for a keeper, Cesar may not want to waste a season in the lower tier, especially if he has a chance to join a big club.

Arsenal need to set a marker against QPR

Arsenal should defeat relegated QPR comfortably today as they aim to secure third place and a Champions league spot. QPR on the other hand will be reeling from the relegation they confirmed last weekend against Reading.

Harry Redknapp has already confirmed that he will stay with the club in the Championship next season and chairman Tony Fernandes has stated that promotion back to the top is not guaranteed in one or even two seasons. The club have a lot of highly paid players who simply do not care about the club, Jose Bosingwa for example who I am sure will be on a plane back to a mid table club in Portugal next month.

Spurs factor could make QPR tough for Arsenal

Lukasz Fabianski has been an Arsenal player long enough to know all about the bitter rivalry between the Gunners and Tottenham Hotspur. The fact that the spuds have been pushing for a top four finish and Champions League football recently, while Arsene Wenger has been struggling to keep Arsenal there with very little money, has made this all the more tasty recently.

Arsenal travel to relegated QPR tomorrow knowing that another three points will be a massive step towards being part of the European elite again. QPR have been awful this season and a lot of the players seem to be there just for the money. Fabianski is concerned, however, that the Tottenham connection will try to ensure that they do everything they can to help the mod down the road.

Is Loic Remy the perfect answer for Arsenal?

I can’t fault the amount of goals that Olivier Giroud has scored for Arsenal this season, but he doesn’t seem to have the urgency of a top-class attacker. I especially get exasperated with his post-miss performances; the blowing of cheeks; the holding his head in his hands; his banging of fists on the ground. Meanwhile the opposing defence is taking the ball up the other end of the pitch. Why doesn’t he just get up and get on with the game?

Arsenal to swoop for cut price Remy when QPR go down!!

There were reports back in January that Arsenal were considering hijacking the transfer of the French striker Loic Remy from Marseille to QPR. Harry Redknapp was splashing the cash in a desperate attempt to halt his team’s slide out of the Premier League and into the Championship. Although Remy has scored three goals in his five games, his presence does not look like it will be enough.