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Is it time for Arsenal to give up on the ‘English core’?

When do Arsenal finally give up on Jack and Ox? by NP

I recently read an article stating that the Ox is negotiating with Arsenal for wages north of 100k per week in his contract extension with Chelsea and Manchester United supposedly interested in signing him.

Is this the end of Arsenal’s Benzema transfer hopes?

It is definitely the biggest and most exciting of all the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds at the minute and even though the transfer of Karim Benzema from Real Madird to the Gunners may have seemed just a pope dream at the beginning of the summer, there was a growing belief that it might happen.

Arsenal are so close – yet so far…..

Hello folks. Straight off to our smashing Emirates Cup win, it all looked good. We were quick, we scored goals, we let the youngsters shine and the fairy tale looks good. The problem is, this is a movie we’ve seen before.

Is it still too early in the market or should Arsenal fans panic?‏

Are Arsenal too slow to Act? By Galen

Having read the comments from most Arsenal fans across the globe from Asia, Africa, USA, Latin America and of course our UK fan base, the big topic is should we start panicking? Truth be told I will be deceitful If I said I wasn’t worried by the situation surrounding our rivals.

Why Sterling transfer could be disaster for Arsenal

I am sure that most Arsenal fans have been watching on and having a right old laugh about Raheem Sterling and the transfer saga involving the young England international, his club Liverpool and the chasing Man City. I even wrote an article the other day about how the ongoing wrangle was good for the Gunners because it was bad for all the parties involved.

The ONE player Arsenal need this summer!

Hold up you Gunners… We don’t need a striker! Marco Reus is who we require… by CE

First off, I would like to congratulate the Arsenal team and coach for a sensational 2014/2015 season. Though the games against Monaco and our loss at home to Swansea left me thinking whether we are back where we started.

These THREE transfers will make Arsenal champions again!

It is hard for me to disagree with the former Arsenal and France striker Thierry Henry about anything but I am going to do it anyway. The TV pundit declared last weekend after watching Arsenal fail to break down the heavy defence of Chelsea, that his former boss needs to make four big moves in the summer transfer market to make sure we beat Jose Mourinho and give him the blues next year.

Why Henry is WRONG on Arsenal, Giroud and BPL title hopes!

Thierry Henry is an Arsenal fans as well as being employed as a TV pundit by Sky Sports and the former Gunner makes no secret of the fact. So it was easy to see, and also to understand, his frustration that Arsenal and his former boss Arsene Wenger were once again left disappointed in their efforts to defeat Jose Mourinho and Chelsea.