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Arsenal’s season so far – A personal review of the players form….

Hi fellow gunners by AH

After seeing the Man United vs Arsenal game, i want to share some personal analysis of our team so far this season.
All the good points and bad points… I believe my points on Vermaelen, Santos, Arteta and Giroud are few of the important ones

Let’s start with our goalkeeper:

Mannone has been a quite useful back-up so far but we can still see that he makes errors sometimes. Given time and patience, I believe he will become a great goalkeeper able to compete with Wojciech Szczesny for the first place.

Arsenal’s season review video to inspire all REAL Arsenal fans – Prepare to be amazed!

Amazing, Truly Inspiring Video – by JG

This will be brief…compared to that last post (haha)

I have attached a video below, an amazing video, so well made. If you watch this video and don’t get the chills or still feel like spouting off hateful remarks then there is something horribly wrong with you as a human being.

It’s a video that lays out in a collage of clips, the past season we had to endure, displaying the heartbreaks, the torment, and eventually the rise and the fighting back of our beloved club.

Arsenal Season Review – Strikers – More than enough competition?

Analysing the attackers: by SV

Over the past week, we have taken a look at our defensive and midfield units. Today, I shall focus on our attackers. As you will, no doubt, be aware, we play a 4-3-3. That’s four defenders, three central midfielders and then three strikers. And it is important to remember that the front three are exactly that: strikers, not wingers. Players like Gervinho and especially Theo Walcott are strikers and as such like to do more cutting in and less running to the by line to cross. Of course, the position is flexible and different players use it slightly differently. Benayoun, for example, used to cut inside a bit deeper and help out in the midfield, while the Ox really does play like a winger when he is out there. But all in all, we play with three strikers: one central and two wider ones. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at our personnel.

Arsenal Season Review – Midfielders – Strong but lacking maturity?

Midfield Analysis: by SV

Yesterday, we looked at Arsenal’s defence. I suggested that we needed one versatile defender who could play centre-back and in one of the full back positions. Others disagreed. Anyway, today I want to look at the midfield. As expected, our midfield didn’t exactly set the League alight this season, with a touch of spark and creativity lacking for a large part of it. This is to be expected with the departure of one Cesc Fabregas. People never fail to underestimate just how important the ex-El Capitan was to us; did you know he created the most clear cut chances out of anyone in the world? We were always going to miss him. But let’s move on and focus on what we do have at our disposal; I’m looking here at the central midfielder only, and I’ll divide them into defensive players and attacking players.

Which Were the BEST Parts of Arsenal’s Season?

Season’s Highs: by SV

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article which showed what I thought were the lowest points of this rollercoaster season of ours. The 8-2 loss made the list, but so did surprisingly the 3-3 against Norwich. Anyway, today I’m leaving the lows behind and focusing on the highs which the season has brought:

Arsenal Season Review – The Defence – Lack of Depth?

Defence Overview: by SV

The season has now finished and the transfer window will open on the first of June. We already know that Lukas Podolski is on his way to Arsenal, but we also know that we are still a few key signings away from challenging once again for England and Europe’s top honours. I think that before we decide who these signings are going to be, we need to look at exactly what areas need strengthening the most.

Arsenal v Milan review – I’m proud to be a Gooner today

What A Performance! by SV

Oooft… What. A. Performance. Yesterday’s was a game which, in my honest opinion, oozed all of the attributes which football requires; skill, desire and passion were all on display in abundance. And let’s make one thing clear, it was not AC Milan, the Serie A leaders and supposed Champions League contenders, who were doing the displaying; but rather Arsenal, supposed strugglers, who lit up the pitch.

Liverpool v Arsenal – Preview, line-up and score prediction

Another sumptuous match for the neutral is up for grabs at the beginning of this weekend with both Arsenal and Liverpool looking to continue their fine form into this match. The lot at Anfield are evens to win this whilst Arsenal are way out at 13/5 which is surprising after such a convincing win against a strong Spurs side. Nonetheless, this game will never be easy and the players have to again be at their best.

Arsenal v Aston Villa review and match ratings – What a Cup Tie!

Arsenal On The Up. Fantastic F.A. Cup Tie by Lorenzo Sallows

Drawn against another Premier League side and coming after a torrid spell of form, emotions were sure to run high. The match did not disappoint. I have been more than negative in my approach to Arsenal these past few weeks but, like all fans, I warm after a win.

Arsenal v Olympiakos – Champions League Betting Preview

Tomorrow night we take on Olympiakos in our first home game of this seasons Champions League group stages, and for those of you who like to have a little flutter here are some of the best early prices that are available.

If you look at the soccer betting for Arsenal to win, both VCBet and Corals are offering the best price, which is just 2/5 (1.40). For the game to end in a draw Betfred are offer the best price which is 4/1 (5.0) and for the unthinkable of an away win 9/1 (10.0) is widely available.

DVD Winner #2: Arsenal had bad luck but still have issues

Why Arsenal’s season Was Not A Complete Failure by Anthony Armstrong

As the seasons disappointments appear further behind in the distance, perspective of this Arsenal team changes and moulds into a less emotional one. What is clear is that football is sometimes won and lost within the margin of error. Imagine the boost our squad would’ve received if Koscielny and Szczesny had not had that mix up which cost us a goal and ultimately a trophy. Imagine if van Persie wasn’t sent off for taking a shot at goal a split second after the whistle blew. Imagine if in the same game, Bendtner had the assured touch he thinks he has. Imagine if Eboue kept his cool for sixty more seconds. The list goes on.

The Joy and Sorrow of Arsenal’s Season – by a Young Arsenal Fan

This is the third and last winner of the Arsenal Season Review DVD Competition.

by Edward Sai Kuen Sikorski

Joy, pain, relief, sorrow and excitement. These are the words that describe this season. The joy when it started off so good. When we beat Everton and Fabregas showed Jarque’s Arsenal shirt. When Vermaelen was powering in the goals. When everything looked good for us.

The pain slowly arrived. The defeat against Man Utd might have been the start to something painful, but our lads bounced back. Doing a marvelous comeback against Standard and obliterating the defences of other teams.