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Arsenal’s season so far – A personal review of the players form….

Hi fellow gunners by AH

After seeing the Man United vs Arsenal game, i want to share some personal analysis of our team so far this season.
All the good points and bad points… I believe my points on Vermaelen, Santos, Arteta and Giroud are few of the important ones

Arsenal’s season review video to inspire all REAL Arsenal fans – Prepare to be amazed!

Amazing, Truly Inspiring Video – by JG

This will be brief…compared to that last post (haha)

I have attached a video below, an amazing video, so well made. If you watch this video and don’t get the chills or still feel like spouting off hateful remarks then there is something horribly wrong with you as a human being.

Which Were the BEST Parts of Arsenal’s Season?

Season’s Highs: by SV

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article which showed what I thought were the lowest points of this rollercoaster season of ours. The 8-2 loss made the list, but so did surprisingly the 3-3 against Norwich. Anyway, today I’m leaving the lows behind and focusing on the highs which the season has brought:

Arsenal Season Review – The Defence – Lack of Depth?

Defence Overview: by SV

The season has now finished and the transfer window will open on the first of June. We already know that Lukas Podolski is on his way to Arsenal, but we also know that we are still a few key signings away from challenging once again for England and Europe’s top honours. I think that before we decide who these signings are going to be, we need to look at exactly what areas need strengthening the most.

Arsenal v Milan review – I’m proud to be a Gooner today

What A Performance! by SV

Oooft… What. A. Performance. Yesterday’s was a game which, in my honest opinion, oozed all of the attributes which football requires; skill, desire and passion were all on display in abundance. And let’s make one thing clear, it was not AC Milan, the Serie A leaders and supposed Champions League contenders, who were doing the displaying; but rather Arsenal, supposed strugglers, who lit up the pitch.

Liverpool v Arsenal – Preview, line-up and score prediction

Another sumptuous match for the neutral is up for grabs at the beginning of this weekend with both Arsenal and Liverpool looking to continue their fine form into this match. The lot at Anfield are evens to win this whilst Arsenal are way out at 13/5 which is surprising after such a convincing win against a strong Spurs side. Nonetheless, this game will never be easy and the players have to again be at their best.