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Former Gunner tells why Arsenal should NOT renew Wenger contract

Those of you Arsenal fans who are long time readers of this site, will know what I think about the views regularly trawled out by the former Arsenal man Stewart Robson. The midfielder played 150 league games for the Gunners during his five year stint, but he never misses an opportunity to criticise and stick the boot in.

But the timing of his latest attack on Talksport could not have been worse. Coming straight after Arsene Wenger and his players pulled off a brilliant Wembley comeback and ended the long wait for a trophy, while Gooners everywhere are in joyous mood, Robson has called for the club to dump the Prof and replace him with the Juventus manager Antonio Conte.

Jack told to pack his bags and fags and leave Arsenal

Former Gunner tells Wilshere to leave the Gunners! by Ash

It’s never a positive message when one of your former Arsenal players comes out to criticise the club because, nine times out of ten, it causes controversy in the media. Sometimes they have a point and on occasion it has turned out the outburst has given the Gunners the criticism they deserve. However I don’t think there is anything positive about the latest report. Stewart Robson, an Arsenal player between 1981-86, has added to what Scholes said about Jack Wilshere, as reported by The Mirror, to say he must leave Arsenal if he is to reach the potential he holds within him.

Arsenal’s enigma! Is Cazorla or Robson right about Ozil?

Does Ozil deserve to keep his place in the Arsenal side? by Ash

In Arsenal’s previous game against Liverpool, I’m pretty sure that what Mesut Ozil is most remembered for is tripping over the ball rather than any actual football ability and although it has been necessarily wiped, it’s not the only poor show from the Gunners and especially not for Ozil as he has been off form for the large majority of the past few months, with the footballing world only managing to see a few graceful glimpses of what the German has to offer.

What’s REALLY going on with Arsenal, Wenger, Ozil and training?

Nobody is trying to claim that Arsenal were anything other than abysmal against Liverpool on Saturday, but some journalists and pundits have grabbed onto the game with both hands and used it to back up what they have been saying about the Gunners all season.

And the same goes for Mesut Ozil, whose contribution at Anfield was about as ineffectual as we have seen from the German playmaker since he joined. On the same day that Arsene Wenger spoke up for his record signing and tried to explain the situation, rumours of behind the scenes problems have hit the news, so what do we make of it all?

Former Gunner feels Fellaini is the man for Arsenal

Robson wants Fellaini at Arsenal by Stefan

Former Arsenal player, and habitual critic, Stewart Robson has said that Arsenal should do everything they can to sign Marouane Fellaini from Everton, as the midfield needs to be balanced out for a decent title challenge next season.

He said on Talksport, “Arsenal need a real strong backbone in that midfield. I would get Fellaini if he’s available, I’ve seen him play many different roles at Everton.

“He’s not going to be an expansive passer but Arsenal have got those expansive players, they now need to get a balance between the creative side and the more destructive side, you can’t have one without the other.”

Is Robson right about Wenger and Arsenal’s money?

A lot of Arsenal fans are already well aware of the opinions of the former Gunner Stewart Robson, because he airs them often enough. The sometime presenter rarely has anything positive to say about Arsenal, and especially about our French manager, and this time is no different.

After calling for Arsene Wenger to spend money for the last few years, Robson has now told Talksport that the prof should not be allowed to spend the big transfer war chest, because he will waste it. The ever optimistic Robson pointed out some of Wenger’s signings that have flopped and feels that this means any future ones will too.

Former Arsenal man slams Wenger again- relax Robson!

I have written articles about what the former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson has said before and it has pretty much been non-stop negativity, especially towards Arsene Wenger. Robson never played under the Frenchman, but he clearly considers himself an authority on him.

The Talksport regular has been telling us all season that Wenger should go and was clearly going to fail to finish in the top four this season. He didn’t accept that Wenger was working miracles on a shoestring budget and I think he was disappointed that the prof managed to steer his Gunners above Tottenham and keep up his fantastic Champions League qualifying record. He certainly didn’t say anything after the final day about how well Arsenal finished and that he was wrong.

Former Gunner Robson criticises Arsenal AGAIN

The last time Stewart Robson had something positive to say about Arsenal was, nobody knows, because it was before records began. The former player seems to have a chip on his shoulder the size of the Emirates stadium, because he is never slow to comment about news coming from Arsenal and he is relentlessly negative.

The Talksport presenter has now offered his words of wisdom about the Theo Walcott contract situation and, surprise surprise, he thinks that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger has got it wrong. Most Arsenal fans are pleased about the news that Walcott is about to sign a new contract worth about £90,000 a week, but Robson thinks Theo has had Arsenal on and is about to stop playing well and scoring.

What has Robson got against Arsenal?

The former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson is always ready to stick the knife in to the Gunners. I thought it might be an issue he has with the current manager Arsene Wenger, but today he has attacked Theo Walcott, claiming that the 23-year old England international has not got what it takes to make it as a central striker.

Wenger NO Dictator and he and Bould are fine says Parlour

Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson is in a unique position to criticise Arsene Wenger, having played under the French manager exactly zero times. Despite that, he often gives his opinion on how Wenger does his job, most recently blaming all of Arsenal’s problems on Wenger and saying that he runs the club like a dictator.

He also claimed that Wenger’s insistence on running and doing everything himself was causing an ever widening rift in the relationship between Wenger and his assistant, Steve Bould. Maybe he knows Bould well from his time at the club, except that he left Arsenal two years before Bould joined. I think Arsene must have forgotten to invite him to the Christmas party for former players one year.

Arsenal’s poor form down to tension in the dressing room?

Arsenal seemed to start the season in good form. Although the first two 0-0 draws were a little disappointing they soon started winning and even seemed to have the upper hand in the 2-1 defeat by League leaders Chelsea. Now it seems that good form has deserted them, with just one goal and one clean sheet in their last three matches highlights the fact there is something wrong somewhere.

According to Stewart Robson, who not only played for Arsenal for five years but has also recently been working on Arsenal TV so has many contacts at the club, thinks that Arsene Wenger and his new assistant Steve Bould are having differences over how the Gunners defence is being set out.

Arsenal Old-Boy tells Wenger to dump Walcott!

Stewart Robson slams Theo Walcott by BA

With everyone talking about Robin van Persie, the fact that Theo Walcott also has only one year left on his Arsenal contract has gone largely unnoticed, but we all know the danger of letting players get near the end of their deals.(Nasri)

So, realistically, it is time to sit him down and extend his current contract or think about selling him. Former Arsenal player Stewart Robson is in no doubt as to which it should be.