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Former Gunner tells why Arsenal should NOT renew Wenger contract

Those of you Arsenal fans who are long time readers of this site, will know what I think about the views regularly trawled out by the former Arsenal man Stewart Robson. The midfielder played 150 league games for the Gunners during his five year stint, but he never misses an opportunity to criticise and stick the boot in.

What’s REALLY going on with Arsenal, Wenger, Ozil and training?

Nobody is trying to claim that Arsenal were anything other than abysmal against Liverpool on Saturday, but some journalists and pundits have grabbed onto the game with both hands and used it to back up what they have been saying about the Gunners all season.

Former Gunner feels Fellaini is the man for Arsenal

Robson wants Fellaini at Arsenal by Stefan

Former Arsenal player, and habitual critic, Stewart Robson has said that Arsenal should do everything they can to sign Marouane Fellaini from Everton, as the midfield needs to be balanced out for a decent title challenge next season.

Is Robson right about Wenger and Arsenal’s money?

A lot of Arsenal fans are already well aware of the opinions of the former Gunner Stewart Robson, because he airs them often enough. The sometime presenter rarely has anything positive to say about Arsenal, and especially about our French manager, and this time is no different.

Former Arsenal man slams Wenger again- relax Robson!

I have written articles about what the former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson has said before and it has pretty much been non-stop negativity, especially towards Arsene Wenger. Robson never played under the Frenchman, but he clearly considers himself an authority on him.

Former Gunner Robson criticises Arsenal AGAIN

The last time Stewart Robson had something positive to say about Arsenal was, nobody knows, because it was before records began. The former player seems to have a chip on his shoulder the size of the Emirates stadium, because he is never slow to comment about news coming from Arsenal and he is relentlessly negative.