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Arsenal to sign Bayern left back as a defensive midfielder?

The Arsenal fans are quite used to seeing Arsene Wenger mess about with players and their positions, sometimes with great success, so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised to heat that the French manager is considering signing a left back as the Gunners’ new defensive midfielder.

David Alaba is the Austrian international who is currently riding high after winning the Champions League, Bundesliga title and the German version of the FA cup with Bayern Munich. So you would think the chances of getting the 20-year old to leave his current club were zero to very small. According to the Daily Star, however, that is just what Wenger is thinking of doing.

Now is the time for Arsenal to sign David Villa

Arsenal should get Villa from Barcelona by SS

Brazilian Star Neymar finally sealed a move to European football in the last few days after years of holding off a move in favour of his boyhood club Santos. At some point in Neymar’s career he has been linked with nearly every top club in Europe but in the end it came down to Real Madrid and Barcelona, he chose Barcelona so he could fulfil his dream of forming a partnership with Lionel Messi.

Arsenal target will cost €100m say Montpellier!?!

Rub your eyes, Arsenal fans, pinch yourself and splash your face with cold water, then read the headline again. Is it still the same? Yes, and it is not April 1st, so what on Earth is going on? Maybe whoever wrote this story originally had shaky hands from the night before, or his dog barked as he was typing and he hit an extra zero, because 100 million euros is silly money for anybody, never mind Remy Cabella.

Montpellier have had a shocking follow up season the their historic title win last year. They finished ninth, a massive 28 points behind the champions PSG, and it seems to have affected the sanity of their deputy chairman, Laurent Nicollin.

Have Arsenal really got the Finances right?

Are Arsenal doing the right thing with their money? by SS

Everybody knows that the club rarely spend money so they end up making a profit during a transfer window, but is this tight spending the reason there is no success at the club anymore?

Financial fair play rules have been introduced by UEFA which should stop clubs from spending a lot more money than they earn in a season. The biggest offenders of this rule are clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City who have spent over £150 Million in past transfer windows.

Arsenal target top scorer in Champions League

Possibly the best thing about the Arsenal attack this season is the versatility and number of options available to Arsene Wenger. With Giroud, Podolski, Walcott and Gervinho there is a mix of pace, power, trickery, shooting, aerial ability and wing play. Perhaps the one thing the Gunners attack is really lacking is clinical finishing, and that may be why Arsenal have been keeping a close watch on the natural goalscorer who is currently joint top scorere in the Champions League this season.

Arsenal have more star players than Spurs-They need to step up!

Arsene Wenger has called on the big name players at Arsenal to show their class against Tottenham, and prove that Arsenal have much more strength across the team than their North London rivals. Most of the talk in the media in the build up to the game has been about Gareth Bale, which is not that surprising given the scoring run he is on, but Wenger has gently reminded people that football is not all about individuals.

Why Wilshere will be world class!

Arsenal fans knew they were seeing something special when Jack Wilshere returned from a loan spell at Bolton Wanderers. He played 49 games for the Gunners in that breakthrough season of 2010/2011, including an awesome display against Barcelona in the Champions league. However, 17 months out of the game with injury, coupled with an immense burden of expectation would normally have a serious eeffect on a young player’s form.

Wilshere’s increasingly dominant performances and his outstanding display for England against Brazil have proved that this will not happen to our Jack, so what makes him so special? The famous inventor Thomas Edison coined the phrase `Genius in one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration`, and Bacary Sagna has revealed that Wilshere has an unbelievable work ethic for a young player.

Walcott will be world class soon!

Theo Walcott is on the verge of greatness by NS

I’m sure a few of you Arsenal fans have read the headline and are picking yourselves off the floor. I can understand that. Really. Theo, since arriving as a schoolboy from Southampton has hardly lived up to our expectations until this season. He has shown flashes. We all remember that run against Liverpool in the Champions League and I thought he had arrived then. I was wrong. We all were.

Wenger plays down Cavani transfer to Arsenal

We may never find out if Arsenal made an offer of £30 million to the Serie A club, Napoli, for the transfer of their Uruguayan hit man Edinson Cavani, but if we did they have turned us down. it is not surprising realyy, and was only ever going to be an opening bid. Cavani is one of the most sought after strikers in world football and has a contract with Napoli until 2016, so it would take more than £30 million to persuade them to sell.

Former Gunner Robson criticises Arsenal AGAIN

The last time Stewart Robson had something positive to say about Arsenal was, nobody knows, because it was before records began. The former player seems to have a chip on his shoulder the size of the Emirates stadium, because he is never slow to comment about news coming from Arsenal and he is relentlessly negative.

The Talksport presenter has now offered his words of wisdom about the Theo Walcott contract situation and, surprise surprise, he thinks that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger has got it wrong. Most Arsenal fans are pleased about the news that Walcott is about to sign a new contract worth about £90,000 a week, but Robson thinks Theo has had Arsenal on and is about to stop playing well and scoring.

Has Zaha agreed to join Arsenal?

Wilfried Zaha is an Arsenal fan, and will soon be an Arsenal player, apparently. There are rumours that an agreement has been made between Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Zaha about his transfer to the Gunners in January, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Palace rejected a bid of around £8 million from Manchester United, according to the Mail. With Alex Ferguson stepping up his pursuit of Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, United are unlikely to pursue the matter further, leaving just Tottenham challenging Arsenal for the 20-year old. Given that he supports Arsenal and that he wants to play in the Champions league, there is no way he is going to choose Spurs over us.

What will Arsenal do with £150 million?

I am sure we have all thought about what we would do if we won the lottery or the football pools, and that is the sort of situation that Arsenal football club find themselves in after signing one of the best sponsorship deals in football. The Gunners will continue to have the Emirates airline on the front of the strip for five more years, and will receive £30 million a year for it. Arsene Wenger will be rubbing his hands with glee, thinking about how to spend the money, assuming that it does find it’s way into the Frenchman’s war chest.