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Could Villa force a transfer from Barcelona to Arsenal?

If the reports coming from Spain are true, then David Villa will try to force the Spanish giants to sell him during this January transfer window, and Arsenal are the club waiting to sign him if Barcelona agrees. Despite assurances from the club president, Sandro Rosell, and the manager, Tito Vilanova, that he is a valuable member of the team, Villa does not feel that way.

Arsenal will NOT get Villa from Barcelona

Arsenal have spoken to Barcelona and tried to persuade them to sell David Villa this January, and the Spanish international is keen on the move, but the Barcelona president has squashed the transfer and told the media so in no uncertain terms. Sandro Rosell has made his mind up and told the Catalan radio station RAC.

“I completely rule out the transfer of Villa during the winter market.

“He is ours and we need him and there is a lot of the season left.”

Barcelona boss – We paid £25m for Fabregas not £35m!

All the reports (including the BBC) were told that Arsenal had agreed a £35m fee for Cesc Fabregas plus another £5m in add-ons, but the Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has pooh-poohed that figure and insists that they will pay less than 30m euros, which they stated before the negotiations begam.

Rosell said last night: “We paid €29 million for Fabregas, not 40. We said that we wouldn’t pay more than €30m, so we have every reason to rejoice.

“Additionally, the variable amounts consist of €5m [£4.3m] and another €5m. I will further explain the deal on Monday.”

Barcelona will bid LESS than £35m for Fabregas

The wonderful President of Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, has been talking about his impending bid for Captain Cesc, and he is afraid that the Arsenal midfielder is definitely not worth more than 40m Euros (about £35m) and there offer will be LESS than that figure.

He very nicely gives Wenger a warning in advance that he won’t be meeting Arsenal’s valuation, but he worryingly thinks that Fabregas himself “is doing all he can” to persuade the Gunners to let him go.

Rosell – Fabregas price should drop this summer

The Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has yet again been talking about a possible transfer of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona this summer, but he insists that they will NOT be raising their price to meet Arsene Wenger’s valuation of the Arsenal captain. In fact, he thinks the price should DROP every year!

“We can talk about it, but Barca will not pay €50million for Cesc,” Rosell said. “That is decided and, although Guardiola wants this player, we will not pay this amount.

“It is impossible due to a simple reason. In football, prices are reduced each year and, if we offered Arsenal €40 million for Cesc last summer, €50 million is now impossible.

Arsenal poach another Barcelona youngster – and they are not happy!

It is being reported this morning that Arsenal have poached another youngster from the Barcelona academy. His name is Jon Miquel Toral Harper. He is a 16 year-old midfielder who is half-English and the Sun reports this morning that he is close to signing for Arsenal.

It seems that the Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is very upset with the Gunners over the alleged poaching, and was seen berating Ivan Gazidis before last weeks Champions League game at the Emirates.

The Sun quotes an eye witness as saying: “Rosell seemed to be raising his voice at Gazidis who stayed calm and did not respond. It was clear, though, that Rosell was particularly angry.”

Rosell – Fabregas transfer still possible up to Aug 31st!

Despite Arsene Wenger’s complete refusal to discuss any possibility of Cesc Fabregas moving to Barcelona, the Spanish club are still refusing to give in. The Barca president Sandro Rosell is going to make another attempt to speak to Arsenal to see if negotiations are possible.

There have been numerous reports that Fabregas is going to officially request a transfer, which may put Wenger in a difficult position. Perhaps Rosell is hoping that happens before he talks to Arsenal. But for the moment Rosell says that all he is doing is building bridges: “Relations exist, but we want them to be good,” he said.

Barcelona give up on Fabregas, and sign Adriano from Sevilla instead!

So it is finally confirmed that Cesc Fabregas will be staying at Arsenal next season, and the Catalan club have instead arranged to sign the Brazilian midfielder Adriano from Sevilla instead.

The new Barca president Sandro Rosell has finally understood that Arsenal will not let Fabregas leave cheaply (if at all) and have decided to go for the cheaper option of taking Adriano.

The 26 year-old is very versatile and can play in midfield or on the wing, and the prudent Rosell will be happy that he will cost only 10m euros, so he can stop worrying about breaking the bank for Fabregas. El Mundo Deportivo has announced that he will be unvieled as a Barcelona player in the next two days.

Barcelona need Ibrahimovich cash to pay for Fabregas

A report in todays Daily Star is saying that the new Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is taking personal charge of the negotiations with Man City for Zlatan Ibrahimovich, so that he can ring-fence the cash received to pay for Cesc Faregas.

It was revealed yesterday that the Catalan club are looking for a new £125m bank loan, but Rosell is keen to pay for the Arsenal captain without the need for more funding.

A Barcelona ‘source’ in the Star was quoted as saying:“The president has decided to sort this deal out himself personally.

Rosell – We will do a deal with Wenger ‘fast’!

The new Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is on his way to South Africa to see Arsene Wenger, and he wants a deal for Cesc Fabregas to be concluded very quickly.

Despite Arsenal totally refusing (publicly) to negotiate with the Spanish giants, Rosell seems to believe that they will be able to come to a compromise over the Arsenal captain, but also reiterated that he wouldn’t be paying over the odds for a player that he values at just £35m.

“It’s now or never,” he said. “We’ll do it fast. It won’t be protracted. I’ll try to see Wenger in South Africa, then we’ll tell you what happens.

Rosell set for showdown talks with Wenger over 70m euro demand

The new Barcelona chairman Sandro Rosell has angrily stated that Arsenal want 70m euros for Cesc Fabregas, and they will be lucky to get half that fee!

According to Footballpress.net Rosell said on Spanish radio: “We are certainly not going to pay 70 million euros for signing Cesc Fàbregas, which Arsenal are asking for. We won’t move a lot from the 30 millions scheduled”.

“The whole world knows he wants to come and that we want to sign him.

“But it’s a topic that has become so public and that’s the worst thing you can do with a transfer.

Barcelona boss – Fabregas is still our objective!

Joan Laporta may not still be the president at Barcelona, but the new management have stressed that they still intend to sign the Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas this summer, but they also refuse to pay over the odds!

The new Barca vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu said yesterday: “Our objective is for him to become a Barcelona player this summer.”

But his boss Sandro Rosell tempered that by saying: “We won’t pay an unjustified sum,”

“We won’t lose our heads over this business.”