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Arsenal Debate: Should we give Wenger another chance to fix the team?

Should Arsene Wenger go? by KJ

It’s been an extremely disappointing season so far. We are 4 points off the chase for 4th place and we’ve been kicked out of the two domestic cup competitions against lower league opposition (Bradford and Blackburn Rovers) and we even failed to qualify first out of the group stages. There are massive questions over Wenger’s ability to push Arsenal to where they deserve to be.

Why Arsenal will NEVER sack Arsene Wenger….

Wenger is our manger for as long as he wants to be by JG

The media, fan sites and phone-in radio programmes, from every caller from Arsenal’s devoted fan base are all are missing two important reasons why Mr Wenger will still be at our club next year.

Adam Kemp: Time for Arsenal to sack Wenger before it’s too late!

Adam Kemp – Time to say goodbye to Arsene Wenger after another unbelievable result!

Adam Kemp – Eight massive reasons to sack Wenger!

When Arsenal lost 2-1 to Barcelona in the Champions League final back in 2006 I was in tears. This was the first and only game that I succumbed to visual anguish; expect today was the second time ever that I cried over a defeat. The disappointment and anguish I have felt today will take a very long time to forget. I almost wish I was not an Arsenal fan and supported the likes of Peterborough United. At least with those clubs the expectations are realistic where success is a bonus. We were outclassed, outplayed and humiliated across the park. Did this result honestly surprise any of you? This result almost flattered Arsenal as it could have been double figures for United. Arsene Wenger has yet again failed tactically to deliver some kind of performance from the Arsenal.