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Is Arsenal star struggling to hit form after Copa America

I am not going to be too hard on the Arsenal and Chile international star, because Alexis Sanchez at 80 percent is better than most Premier League players in top form. But the fantastic forward does seem to be struggling a little to find the form that made us vote him our best player of last season.

Newcastle v Arsenal Review – Gunners make extra man count!

Arsenal started off in brilliant style and Newcastle had great trouble even getting a touch on the ball. Theo Walcott had a few promising chances in the first half, but most of the action came from the referee’s card pocket!

What must Arsenal change? – If we don’t buy anyone

What must Arsenal change, If we don’t buy by JH

Yet another typical Arsenal transfer window is approaching its end. Targets have come and gone, and we are yet to sign an outfield player. Fans and pundits alike have been screaming for a new DM and a starting CF, the latter being most important.

Liverpool will regret letting Alexis join Arsenal!

Arsenal famously made a 40 million plus 1 bid for Luis Suarez the year before he moved from Liverpool to Barcelona, which ultimately was the catalyst for us to buy Alexis Sanchez from the Spanish giants. According to Arsene Wenger, the Gunners got just as good a player in Sanchez as Barcelona got in Suarez, thanks to the desire that both of them have to win, win, win, at whatever the cost!

Two BIG reasons for Arsenal to ATTACK Liverpool

It is true that most Arsenal fans have been pleased with the way that Arsene Wenger has modified, or at least added to, his tactics for the Gunners over the last year or so. While we all love to see the exciting and adventurous style of football for which the Gunners have become famous under the Frenchman, it was getting a bit too obvious that we only had one way of playing.

If Alexis plays like this half-fit…….?

The build-up to Arsenal’s weekend game against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park was around the impending return of Alexis Sanchez to the Gunners’ starting line-up. The Chilean was given extra time to get himself fit after his exertions in Copa America, but he was very quickly thrown into the action.

Can Arsenal fans forget about the Benzema rumours now?

Arsenal supporters could be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of déjà vu. The whole sequence of – player being linked – multiple threads of interest – and then finally the denial; this is a sequence that repeats itself across multiple transfer windows. The only difference is that the player being linked is different.

Same old Arsenal….NOW will Wenger spend the money?

Maybe another terrible start will at least bring in some signings?‏ by KM

Well there you go. Arsene back to his usual self. I will stick with the opinion that until he goes, we can not win the title. It all looked good on the surface, but scratch pre-season and enter real life and we lose to an average West Ham side at home, without creating a 100% chance.