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No way! Andre Santos returns to Arsenal!

Santos unhappy with Arsenal return! by Ash

Rarely does there seem to be mutual feelings at the club between players and the fans, but the Arsenal left back Andre Santos has stated his disappointment in having to return to Arsenal. Surely this means he will be gone this summer no matter what because I firmly believe the club wanted to sell him before hand, but they will definitely look to let him go after hearing that he no longer wants to stay at the club.

Is Robson right about Wenger and Arsenal’s money?

A lot of Arsenal fans are already well aware of the opinions of the former Gunner Stewart Robson, because he airs them often enough. The sometime presenter rarely has anything positive to say about Arsenal, and especially about our French manager, and this time is no different.

Is Grenier really the answer for Arsenal? (plus video)

A deal for Clement Grenier seems very much done between Arsenal and Lyon and Arsenal fans are really happy about this as people have watched him play a little bit and done some research on him since he was linked with a move to the club. Grenier is a two-footed attacking midfielder who Wenger has likened to Samir Nasri, but he still has a long way to go to realise his potential.

Put the chequebook away Arsenal – Gervinho is staying!

I can just hear it now, Arsenal do not need to sign nay more strikers, because Gervinho has decided to stay. While he’s at it, Arsene Wenger could also say that getting Andre Santos and Nicklas Bendtner back from their loan spells will be like signing two new players. Oh, and Abou Diaby might be fir sometime around Christmas, so we will manage until then and have a good end to the season, narrowly beating Tottenham into fourth place.

Arsenal cannot lose by letting dead wood go!

It’s a Win-Win scenario for Arsenal by AH

Although some people may slate the club for letting the deadwood players go for stupidly small sums of money, a lot of people will correctly recognise that although it hasn’t added much to our transfer chest, it does free up a lot of space elsewhere.

Arsenal lumbered with more dead wood?

One of the big problems for Arsenal in recent years has been the number of players drawing nice, big salaries from the club and offering nothing on the pitch. Arsene Wenger and the club officials obviously don’t plan for this to happen, but it is a serious drain on the expenses, while at the same time driving your average Gooner up the wall and through the roof.

Fabregas to Arsenal or United if Barcelona sell?

Barca willing to sell Fabregas? by AH

Reports over the last few weeks now have suggested that Arsene Wenger is interested in re-signing former captain Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona. This is because Fabregas is reportedly unhappy about his lack of playing time and now Barcelona are reportedly willing to sell.