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Should Arsenal copy Porto and look to South America?

The Ultimate Business Model by Alexander

While we’re bombarded with new outrageous transfer targets on a daily basis I wanted to take a break from speculation and have a look at something a bit closer to reality.

Usmanov still not happy with Arsenal’s policy of selling stars

Usmanov attacks Arsenal owner Kroenke by TAB

Despite owning nearly 30 percent of Arsenal Football Club, the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov cannot get a seat on the board and so cannot influence the running of the club nearly as much as he would like. Stan Kroenke, the American businessman who has more say than anyone because of his controlling stake, has come under attack again from Usmanov, who is convinced that silent Stan is not doing the right thing.

Is Wenger playing games, or do Arsenal need to sell before buying?

No Sell No Buy (By S.H)

With 11 days left in the Winter transfer season, Arsenal still haven’t signed anyone. Arsene Wenger, as we know, is verbally parsimonious and enigmatic about recruitment. You’d never beat him in a board game of “Guess Who.” There are a plethora of Arsenal transfer rumours, linking a myriad of players to the Gunners, yet Wenger continues to refute having any interest.

Robert: Wenger’s policy is right – but we need to stop selling!

I don’t know what it was like not having Wenger as Arsenal’s manager, probably because I was barely alive when he took over from Bruce Rioch in August 1996. So for me, it is hard to come to grips even with the idea that one day he may leave Arsenal as I couldn’t imagine anyone else in his position. But this season has opened my eyes to the inevitability of him eventually saying goodbye to the club, and even the people supporting him, which includes myself, have to realise that change is drastically needed somewhere in our club. Yet I feel Wenger is not the cog that needs cleaning, and his criticism has been unfounded and unfair.