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Arsenal v Stoke – Chalk v Cheese!

Whenever it’s a match between Arsenal and Stoke, there would be questions of all type. On the eve of their weekend clash, Arsene Wenger had to come out and declare that there is no bad blood between the two clubs.

Arsenal boss right to play down bad blood with Stoke?

Arsene Wenger has this week tried to play down the bad blood that has existed between Arsenal and Stoke City ever since that horrible and potentially career ending tackle on Aaron Ramsey by the Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross. That was back in early 2010 but the animosity between the two clubs has never gone away.

Why Stoke will NOT be the same old problem for Arsenal

I am not trying to say that Arsenal will have a nice and easy game on Saturday, when our perennial tormentors Stoke City come to the Emirates Stadium to get the Premier League action up and running again. I just think that the Potters of Mark Hughes will be quite a different proposition to the one that we normally have to deal with when coming up against them.

Hughes – Stoke did NOT bully Arsenal, we were the better team!

The Stoke City manager Mark Hughes seemed to get a bit upset in his pre-match briefing ahead of tomorrows game at Arsenal. The last meeting between the two sides was very eventful, with Stoke going an incredible three goals in front before a spirited Arsenal comback brought it back to 3-2.

Is Arsenal boss wasting his time playing down Stoke rivalry?

While Ryan Shawcross has been trying to get the intense rivalry between Arsenal and Stoke City into the forefront of all our minds and get the home fans whipped up into a frenzy before the Gunners arrive at the Britannia stadium tomorrow, Arsene Wenger has been doing the opposite.

Why Anthony Taylor is the key man for Arsenal at Stoke

The Arsenal boss has played down the comments by Ryan Shawcross ahead of Arsenal heading to the cauldron of the Britannia Stadium to face Stoke City in the Premier League tomorrow. The bug Stoke defender does not seem too keen on trying to forget his spat with Arsenal fans and players that began with his horror tackle which nearly ended the career of Aaron Ramsey.