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Hughes – Stoke did NOT bully Arsenal, we were the better team!

The Stoke City manager Mark Hughes seemed to get a bit upset in his pre-match briefing ahead of tomorrows game at Arsenal. The last meeting between the two sides was very eventful, with Stoke going an incredible three goals in front before a spirited Arsenal comback brought it back to 3-2.

But Ramsey’s sending off seemed to finish Arsenal’s challenge to regain a point, and the gossips had a field day after the game when Wenger and the players were abused by ARSENAL fans at Stoke station while boarding the train back to London.

Is Arsenal boss wasting his time playing down Stoke rivalry?

While Ryan Shawcross has been trying to get the intense rivalry between Arsenal and Stoke City into the forefront of all our minds and get the home fans whipped up into a frenzy before the Gunners arrive at the Britannia stadium tomorrow, Arsene Wenger has been doing the opposite.

In his pre-match press conference reported by Arsenal.com, the manager had his diplomatic head on and tried his best to play down the situation. Wenger has been a big part of the rivalry as well, being regularly targeted and taunted by the Potters fans, but he seems to want to ignore the provocation and draw a line under it. And with the Ramsey situation being the start of it all, Arsenal do have more reason to hold a grudge.

Why Anthony Taylor is the key man for Arsenal at Stoke

The Arsenal boss has played down the comments by Ryan Shawcross ahead of Arsenal heading to the cauldron of the Britannia Stadium to face Stoke City in the Premier League tomorrow. The bug Stoke defender does not seem too keen on trying to forget his spat with Arsenal fans and players that began with his horror tackle which nearly ended the career of Aaron Ramsey.

Instead, Shawcross tried to up the ante by warning the Gunners that we face what he calls a `tasty` encounter, according to a report in The Mirror. A thinly veiled threat that we can expect more rough treatment from the Stoke players, just as their midfield enforcer Steven N’Zonzi made no secret of what their tactics against Arsenal will be.

Arsenal have reason to destroy Stoke after twisted Ramsey baiting

It appears that Aaron Ramsey, even though he will not be on the field for Arsenal or even in the matchday squad on Saturday, is going to be targeted by the lovely bunch of people that call themselves Stoke City fans. Strange, what has our mild-mannered Welshman done to provoke such ire in the Potteries?

ramsey shush

Well it is pretty bad. As revealed by the Evening Standard, it was Ramsey’s temerity to celebrate scoring a goal against them at the Emirates in September by putting a finger to his lips in their direction. Maybe the fact that they had been booing him from before kick-off might have had something to do with his celebration.

Ozil and Walcott the keys to Arsenal beating Stoke

About time Stoke got a good kickin’ and Arsenal is not shy of serving it by Blaz

This Sunday lunch time we have a meeting with one of the least popular teams in North London, Stoke City FC. There was quite a lot of bad blood between them and Arsenal, the origin of it coming, as we all know, from the time their current captain broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg. It doesn’t help that their fans tend to boo Aaron every time we play there (truth is also, Aaron did get a fair share of boos even in the Emirates). So I do expect a well timed revenge come Sunday.

Not even Arsenal boss expected Ramsey to go TURBO

Everyone concerned with Arsenal, fans and players included, are gobsmacked at the way the young Welshman Aaron Ramsey has hit the ground running this season. Even those who supported him against the general fans’ feeling last season did not expect him to be pulling up trees the way he is, and that includes the man who stuck by him and had the confidence to stick with him, Arsene Wenger.

Stoke boss has the cheek to accuse Arsenal of cheating!

A lot of teams come to Arsenal planning to be solid and hard to beat, but few have parked the bus quite as blatantly as Stoke City did yesterday. Arsenal finally broke the resistance with a deflected free kick from Lukas Podolski, but the linesman tried to incorrectly rule the goal out for offside. The referee overruled his assistant, and it was the correct decision, but Tony Pulis is unhappy (there’s a surprise) because he thinks the Arsenal players influenced Chris Foy’s decision.

“The disappointing thing for me is the number of Arsenal players that surrounded the linesman. I thought that was something you couldn’t do.

It’s time for Arsenal to get revenge on Stoke

Arsenal under Arsene Wenger have generally been regarded as a team that produces great flowing football and have changed the way that the game is played in England. They have also been seen as a bit lightweight sometimes, and Wenger has had his disagreements with managers like Sam Allardyce when teams have set out to bully the Gunners by playing a very physical way. Tony Pulis and Stoke have been one of the main propagators of this approach, but Arsenal can get payback today and put the Potters in their place.

Why Arsenal fans would love Wenger to buy Fellaini (plus video)

There are very few Arsenal fans that will be feeling sorry for our arch-enemy Ryan Shawcross this morning, as we all remember clearly the day that the Stoke defender broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg a couple of years ago.

Well he certainly got his come-uppance yesterday when he met his match in Everton’s Marouane Fellaini, who certainly was not scared of standing up to him. After being niggled by Shawcross once too much, Fellaini went straight in and clearly head-butted the hard man out of the view of the referee.

Ramsey happy for Arsenal to be under the radar

Aaron Ramsey seems to have an old head on his young shoulders sometimes. The 21-year old captain of Wales has had plenty of ups and downs already in his career, but is determined not to let things affect him too much, concentrating instead on doing his job, playing football.

Ramsey has spoken about the fact that Arsenal were pretty much written off as potential title winners before the season even started and, once Robin van Persie was sold to Manchester United, we were being talked about as a mid table side.

“That is a good thing. We are just going about our business.

Arsenal’s Ramsey shows his professional side

Aaron Ramsey Ready To Play Alongside Ryan Shawcross by AM

Wales manager Chris Coleman is prepared to take advantage of changes in FIFA rules to rope in Ryan Shawcross for the Wales national team. The only issue he was concerned about was the possible friction it might create in the dressing room which contains Aaron Ramsey.

Aaron Ramsey is yet to receive any more than a text message apology from Shawcross, following the Stoke City defender’s dangerous tackle on the Welshman back in February 2010, as a result of which Ramsey’s leg was broken in six places. This ensured that tension would run high whenever Arsenal and Stoke City met in the league. Speculation has been rife regarding how Ramsey would welcome Shawcross into the Wales team if he agreed to Coleman’s proposal.

Wenger – Ramsey will play but please forget Shawcross reunion

Arsene Wenger thinks that it will be a good thing for Aaron Ramsey to face Ryan Shawcross and Stoke after recovering from the broken leg sustained against this opponent 14 months ago, but he thinks he should be left to deal with it in his own way.

Ramsey is nigh on certain to play as Cesc Fabregas is out of action once again, although he may be fit to face Aston Villa the following week. Wenger said: “Aaron Ramsey is likely to get another chance, I can even say that he will play.”