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Arsenal told to FORGET transfer of Wenger replacement

At the same time as most Arsenal fans have a different theory about the current manager and whether Arsene Wenger should stay on or for how long, we also have different ideas about who should be the man to replace the Frenchman when his long shift at the helm of the good ship Arsenal finally does come to an end.

Arsenal ready as top target Griezmann looks to become available

Arsenal are claimed to be keeping a close eye on the future of Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann.

The French forward was the top goalscorer in the European Championships this summer, after two years of consistently bagging over 20 league goals for the Atleti.

Wenger still has the desire and will leave Arsenal when he wants….

There are a growing number of Arsenal fans that cannot wait for Arsene Wenger to leave and think he has gone well past his sell-by date, but for those Gunners insiders who know him well and have done for years and years, think that the Frenchman still has the desire to win trophies with Arsenal and will be trying twice as hard next season.

Can Wenger still get the Arsenal players motivated? Like Simeone?

How motivated will the Arsenal players be to play Barcelona tonight?‏ by KM

Hello fine ladies and gentleman! How excited are you to watch the all mighty Arsenal face Barcelona tonight? I’ll watch the game with a bunch of friends and I’m fearful of the scoreline. Arsene said we will be going gung ho on the attack.

Arsenal fans – careful what you wish for! Not Simeone!

The banner that some travelling Arsenal fans held up during the FA cup replay win at Hull City has really been taken up by the football press and even though Arsene Wenger keeps dismissing all the rumours he cannot fail to notice that there is a growing feeling that the banner was right.

Which of these three should replace Wenger as Arsenal boss?

There is a growing sense that the tenure of Arsene Wenger as the manager of Arsenal is growing short and whether the Frenchman gets another season and runs down his current contract or leaves at the end of the current campaign is probably as much down to him as the board and could be determined on what happens on the pitch and on the terraces in the next couple of months.

This could still be a great season …..if Wenger leaves!

This could still be our best season in years!…If Arsene leaves…‏ by KM

Hello you rich Arsenal fans that will pay the money for this article right here! Well you know what, like the Arsenal board who were so generous in not increasing ticket prices for season holders, I’ll sneak you this one for free alright? I mean I’ll delay my new flat building by doing so, but it’s ok.