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Arsenal will not slip up again says Arteta

The second half of the FA cup tie between Arsenal and Swansea City was a bit like a rollercoaster and was not good for the health of Arsenal fans watching, but it has given the Gunners a wake up call, according to the vice-captain Mikel Arteta. When Michu scored, Arsenal went into panic mode for a few minutes and could have gone two down.

The fightback from the players was fantastic, and they now seem to realise that this is the best chance to end the long seven year wait for a trophy that is starting to act like a millstone round our necks. Rather than see it as an extra game that we didn’t really want to play, Arteta sees it as golden opportunity to bring some happiness to the fans.

Arsenal win through in style after a sloppy start!

Arsenal 2-0 Montpellier. A sloppy first half rectified by a majestic second half by KJ

After the performance against Tottenham on Saturday, we were looking for a comfortable win and we got one today (for the most part).

We started the game pretty poorly which has been a pretty common event for this current Arsenal side. It is definitely worrying as it almost invites any team to get a free 1-0 lead against us. If we were facing any top team, we would’ve been punished. Our passing was extremely sloppy which was very disappointing. It’s a feature we pride ourselves on and I’m surprised it took the entire first half to sort it out.

Adam Kemp: Arsenal were sloppy….

It was inevitable I suppose, but here is the post we all expected after a very disappointing performance (to put it lightly!). Over to you Adam…..

Szczesny howler gifts Obafemi Martins last-minute winner as Birmingham destroy Arsenal

I was full of praise for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger after their recent demolition of Barcelona. For a moment I was caught up with protestations of modesty, where I have to eat humble pie. I congratulated the team for finally coming of age when it really mattered. Since that day they wobbled at Leyton Orient, scraped a win against Stoke and today were embarrassed by the lowly stature of Birmingham. Arsenal today was complacent, sloppy and lacked precision.