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Mustafi the leader AND defender Arsenal have needed?

One of the criticisms that has been aimed at Arsene Wenger and Arsenal over the last 10 years, while the Gunners never really came close to winning the Premier League title that we all want, was that he failed to recruit the players that Arsenal needed.

Club legend losing faith in Wenger to fix Arsenal

This season was supposed to be ‘the one’ finally for Arsenal after the barren years of financial constraints that Arsene Wenger had to work under while other clubs with their oil rich sugar daddies threw money around like confetti at a wedding. But it has been one disappointment after another so far and the fact that it looks like being a club with much less money than us that is crowned champions this year makes it all the more frustrating.

Today’s signing enough for Arsenal title win says club great

The former Arsenal and England forward Alan Smith was clearly not as disappointed as some Gooners with the away point against a difficult and in form Stoke City side at the weekend, especially as the Gunners were without two of our best attacking players in Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Alan Smith writes off Arsenal title chances

The sports pundit Alan Smith may have been an Arsenal striker earlier in his career but he doesn’t seem to have any loyalty or belief in Arsene Wenger’s team. In fact he doesn’t think that the Gunners have any chance at all of stopping the title from ending up at Chelsea or Manchester City this season.