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Calm down Arsenal fans, the summer is long……

Where is the Love? by JM

I sit here on a warm African winter afternoon, my tele switched to ESPN classic. They have a vintage Arsenal game going and im glued as if it were live. Its Highbury….Its Sol Campbell, its Vieira, its Bergkamp, its Thierry… its an Arsenal routing of Manchester United. The fans are in ecstasy, the commentators in awe as the purrr with lavish praise on the impeccable machine that was Arsenal… Im in Arsenal heaven for a moment there..

Petr Cech on Arsenal rumour – “I can’t even imagine it!”

I guess the reason there are so many ridiculous Arsenal rumours around at the moment is because of the the dreaded interlull giving everyone very little to talk about at the moment, but surely one of the most unlikely transfer rumours had to be the one that said the Chelsea keeper Petr Cech could be moving to the Emirates this summer to take over as Number One.

Nashy: Arsenal fans need to watch out for PREMATURE SPECULATION!!

We All Contracted Premature Speculation!!! by Nashy

Over on my blog on LadyArse a few weeks back I alerted the Arsenal faithful to a horrible disease that sweeps through the ranks during the transfer windows. This disease, is Premature Speculation. A definition in the Arsenal Supporters Medical Handbook defines it as so:

What is the purpose of Wenger’s silence over Arsenal transfers?

Arsene Wenger has always had a strange policy of complete silence over any Arsenal transfer rumours in general. There are other times when it suits him to let a little tidbit out in the open, like with Podolski he had no problem saying he admired him after the whole world knew that the German international would be on his way to the Emirates.

Barcelona deny any interest in Robin Van Persie….for now!

The Spanish giants Barcelona have been continually linked with a move for the Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie, and the player himself has often stated that the only other club that he would like to play for is Cesc Fabregas’ team.

Anthony: The Arsenal rumours are just bloody speculation!

Don’t believe all the crap you read by Anthony Armstrong

As an Arsenal fan, this week has been a particularly depressing one. Fabregas is off to Barcelona in exchange for pocket money, Nasri is soon to be a Manc, van Persie is about to hand in a transfer request, Chelsea want Walcott and we are soon to be priced out of making a move for Cahill. Are these the reasons for my depression? No. Gullible Arsenal fans are.

Arsenal agree price for Oxlade-Chamberlain

It has just been reported in today’s Star that the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has finally made an agreement with Southampton to bring Alex Oxlade-¬≠Chamberlain to the Emirates, beating off interest from Liverpool and Chelsea.