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Arsenal Finances are flourishing- Will Wenger use it?

Arsenal have released details of the club’s finances for the six months up to November, and they make very healthy reading. It is abundantly clear that the business section of the Gunners is going great guns, but just as clear that the football side needs to catch up. The struggle to finish in the top four this season, along with the disappointing exits from the cup competition show the stark need for serious investment in the squad, and the chairman has promised that Arsene Wenger will no longer have to get by on a pittance.

Will Wenger finally be allowed to splash the cash?

It is being reported today that the Arsenal board will back Arsene Wenger with some hard cash this summer to the tune of around £70 million. It could even be more, which should become clearer after the half yearly figures are published around the end of the month. It seems a familiar story, as Wenger was thought to have a decent amount of money to spend in January but only bought a replacement left back on the last day of the transfer window, which he was forced into by the injury to Kieran Gibbs.

Arsenal to lose Emirates cash if they fail to get Top 4.

I bet that Arsene Wenger regrets making his comment about Arsenal reaching the Champions league is like winning a trophy, because he will never hear the last of it until he does steer the Gunners to silverware. Journalists can be like a dog with a bone, and they will gnaw this one until there is nothing left.

Gazidis – Arsenal will soon be in the Top Five Clubs …….. In revenue terms!

Every Arsenal fans favourite Chief Exec Ivan Gazidis has been extolling the virtues of the Gunners financial prudence again, and is keenly looking forward to Arsenal making even more money when the club’s sponsorship deals come up for renewal.

Arsenal boss attacks Man City over fair play

Arsene Wenger is one of the most fervent supporters of the new Financial Fair Play rules that are supposed to stop Clubs such as Man City, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain from gaining an unfair advantage over clubs that do not have billionaire sugar daddies. Wenger and Arsenal do stand to benefit from these rules as the Gunners are one of the best run clubs in the world, financially.